Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ntg Much to Say These few days..

haih.. my modem is back that day..
and now the port is spoiled again..
yesterday made a report already...
but until now still havent come yet..
how long do i need to wait ??
now i can online through the modem downstairs again..
without my 20meter long cable..
i think i will be bored till death!
ntg much to do..
ntg much to say..
wait time to pass .. wait time to eat..

yesterday's life was so boring..
wake up around afternoon and wait time to pass until dinner..
after dinner.. wait time to pass until midnight..
luckily, yesterday night and tonight have friendly dota match xD
still got some time to enjoy my self..
won both of the rounds yesterday..
nt really tough matches..
just use it to train new skills and combo..
2nite's match will be a little bit tough..
vs A-Station... >.<
11.30pm.. omg.. midnight again..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another New Utarian

There will be a new utarian from my family soon..
she havent join for now but she registered..
she is TeenHao's Sis... Wei Shan..

their parents came to Kampar today..
i slept at 6am yesterday...
i should be sleeping earlier than that..
just the game make me pek chek..
makes me start another game after one another..
slept at 6 and just around 12.20pm..
my cousin knock my door and wake me up..
and told me their parents will reach in 30 minutes time..
gotta wake up.. get ready and straight to lunch..

ate my lunch at Kam Ling..
couldnt finish all the food cause they ordered too much..
8 people including me..
me , my cousin, my cousin sister, uncle, auntie, and 3 more of the parents' friend..
their son will be studying in Utar too..

after that... we went straight to Utar to register for my cousin..
about 4pm..i went home..
get some rest and spent some time with Japanese Drama..
"My Boss My Hero"

we had our dinner in Tanjung Tualang..
we ate Fish, Prawns, Sotong, Oyster,
and the bill was Rm241 if not mistaken..
about Rm30 per person..
*We ate few of their friends*

went home and start my movie marathon and
at the same time, i Support Earth Hour~
ntg much to do..
Game & movies..
till now..
its time for me to sleep

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Penis Stucked In Bottle During Masturbating

A SINGAPOREAN died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle, reported Sin Chew Daily and China Press.

The incident happened when the 77-year-old man used the bottle to masturbate.

China Press reported that the senior citizen got his private part into the bottle and only sought help after his penis could not be dislodged from the bottle despite trying various ways such as applying soap water.

Doctors tried to alleviate the man’s suffering by cutting the bottle below the neck but to no avail because by that time, the skin around the penis had started to become inflamed, causing him to be unable to urinate.

His misadventure later led to other medical complications causing his death.

Ref : http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/3/26/nation/3556615&sec=nation

I'm one of them~

lol.. anyone didnt support earth hour ??
i did :)
i did change the world


OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS 8.30PM NOW !!!
me and my housemate already support and even the people around us !!
those people nearby my house also off their lights..
lets be together to fight global warming !

me alone might not change the world..
but when we are united.. we can change the world!!

Exam pressure no more..

Finished my exam..
say seriously
finance is quite easy...
as Ms. Kameles said..
she told us it is really easy..
dont have annuity also..

planned to change my room arrangement pattern for quite a long time
finally got the time to do so..
it is nt i dun wan to change during other days..
just that the normal days i must not make my self tired and be ready for my exam..

reached home around 6.10pm today..
and start to arrange my furniture in a different way..
quite comfortable this way..
i like this arrangement more than the previous one..

*My Room's Previous Arrangement*
*My Room's New Arrangement*
*View from A*
*View From B*

My Room is nt that tidy as you think..
did some cleaning b4 i took this picture :X

today didnt go out for dinner with my friend because i am cleaning up my room..
dont feel like going out with my dirty look..
so, me and my cousin just called delivery and again from 4 Eyes Guy..
ordered fried rice + rice + egg..

*I wonder how i can finish this fried rice*

nothing much to post..
this weekend will b a boring weekend..
except for the 1hour of earth hour..
lets join earth hour!!

mayb i will continue my old plan of my movie marathon!
juz get some drama and movies from my housemate..
11.9GB of movies.. can last for 2days ??
lets see..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exam Pressure..

Finish one of the exam this semester..
this semester is a short semester..
only 2 subjects..
its been quite a long time since i feel some exam pressure..
until yesterday about 5.45pm..
and my exam is at 7.10pm..

do some revision until 6.30pm and straight to exam!!
luckily the questions that came out isnt that hard..
i can do quite alot..

there is another exam tmr..
but yesterday night,
i already went to CC to relax my self..
went with wai,hung,ron, and jason..
quite fun yesterday..
managed to won both 2 rounds..

reach home already quite late..
and sleep around 5am..

cannot dun sleep ar..
yesterday only can..
i know dear got sleep
but 3hours is not enough..
surely not enough
some more you busy for the whole day already
must get more rest to recover your self okie??
promise me.. must take k of your self..
from today onwards must rest more okie ??
i love you dear..
i dont wan to see you tired..
i wan you to be healthy..

Happy Birthday Wei Lynn~

Happy Birthday to my lovely little cousin
big big d lor.. 19 lo this year.. haha
i am still 18++
haven birthday yet..

she is one of my cousins that was born in the year of 1990.
Wei Lynn , Siak (me) , Wei Chien , and Hao.
She was the eldest among us..

take care and good luck :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary ~

Happy 3rd month anniversary dear..
i love you ..
take k ar :)
i will be there when u need me ^^

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Bernice Chow.. :)
finally got the chance to wish you already..
last time u dont even wan to tell me when is your birthday..
and last year i was in NS..
i dont think i got wish u
16 already..
sweet 16 :)
fast fast go find a bf ya ^^
wish u luck in everything you do..
and take k of your self

Exam Exam Exam !!

For those who are having examination..
good luck in your exam and studies..
good luck to those who are taking exam today and friday :)
especially students from Utar..



Time & Venue

Wednesday 25.03.2009

FBAM1013 Introduction to Cost Accounting

Venue: DDK1 (TA1-7), DDK2 (TA8-10), DDK3 (TA11-13), DDK4 (TA14-16), D213 (TA17-19), D220 (TA20-23)

Friday 27.03.2009

FBFF1013 Fundamentals of Finance

Venue: EDK2 (TA19-21), EDK3 (TA22, TA23, TC1), EDK5 (TC2-4), E102 (TA13-15), E104 (TA9-12), E109 (TA5-8), E111 (TA1-4), E124 (TA16-18)

these time table are for those in Ta and Tc students only.. :)

Good luck in your examinations..
Good luck to my self ^^

Missed My Class..

Didnt go to lecture class today..
the class is 10am-12pm..
but i still couldnt wake up on time..
yes, i did wake up..
but i sleep back cause i am very tired..
and lack of sleep...

planned to sleep around 1.30am..
but i couldnt..
so i wake up to find my housemate for awhile..
talk until 2am..
went back to room and sleep..
maybe i am having insomnia..
couldnt sleep in the middle of the night..
and until 2.30am..
i wake up and study
didnt study much.. but at least i can study for a lil bit..

and i dream of you dear..
i dream of my self..
didnt continue to study inUTAR.
went back to home town and joined form 6
to study with you..
together with you
eat break fast and lunch with you..
i miss you too much dear..
i just dont know y i dream of it ..
take care of your self..
we can pass this test ..
love you..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Modem Is Back!! & *Cartoons*

woke up around 9:30am..
sms my dear..
then i sleep back..
until 10.25am,
my dear phoned me to wake me up..
but i was to tired to move..
so i just decided to skip the early morning class..
and continue my sleeping..
till 12.40pm..

didn't do anything till 1.20pm..
took my bath and send my laundry..
then went to the office to ask for modem..
after about a week of suffering because of no modem..
(i can online through my 20meter-lan-cable connecting another modem downstairs,
but the line is super slow)
with this new modem..
i can play game with it..
the line was so damn fast!!
quite satisfied with the new modem..

and these are the few cartoons i would like to share with u..

^^ Have a nice day everyone...

*Some1's birthday is coming tomorrow*

Monday, March 23, 2009

Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)

you guys must watch this video..
its a must to watch..
i bet you guys will laugh your ass off..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie Marathon ~ Man Utd

did ntg much yesterday..
just spent a lot of the time in my house...
to be exact is the whole 24hours.. except for the 1hour for dinner...
dont feel like going out for lunch cause it is too early for me..
i wake up around 11:30am.. and my cousin say its time for lunch, NOW ...
i just dont feel like rushing early in the morning..
so i called him to tapao for me..

the whole afternoon..
i spent it with movies..
i watch 2 movies yesterday..
Slumdog Millionaire & Zack & Miri Make A Porno

*Slumdog Millionaire*

*Zack and Miri Make A Porno*
Slumdog Millionaire is a movie that you must watch..
its quite touching..

Dont think bad when u see the title "Zack & Miri Make A Porno*
it is not as dirty as you think..
it is all about the adventures of Zack and Miri...
and things they did to pay out their debt..
quite touching at the end of the movie..

around 11.20pm..
my stomach is quite hungry..
and i find my cousin to have a talk..
cause he stays in the same house with me..
and we check the current result of Fulham-Man Utd..
18' Fulham 1 -0 Man Utd
with one red card for Man Utd..
i sms-ed my friend, Quek so that he can tapao for us..
i ordered Maggi Goreng Double Without Vege..
and it ended up with Kosong
it looks like this..

*My Maggi Goreng Double Tak Mau Sayur*

around 12.45am..
the match between Fulham and Man Utd
ended 2-0
With 2 red cards for Man Utd..

Windows Live Messenger Got Problems..

Looks like windows live messenger have some problems nowadays..
i've never seen it before..

there are 2 friends of mine..
Delon & Karyan

the problem of Karyan having is that the contact list is gone..
totally blank..
couldnt do anything about it..
but she is still able to chat with other people as usual..
just that she couldnt see all her contact list..
it appears to be like this :-

*Click on the image for better view*

the middle part of all her contact lists is gone..

but now.. the problem is solved..
during the time i posting this blog..
she told me she just went to the option bar to click something..
and it works..
every of her contact is back..

On the other hand,
my other friend, delon's problem cannot be solved yet..
my cousin is helping him doing the recovery process..
his msn messenger's problem is that his whole contact list is gone..
and cannot be recovered..
we can see him online..
everytime we chat with him..
we'll need to add us all again...
i'm sorry delon..
couldnt help u ...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Support Earth Hour

~Earth Hour ~

Come Together To Fight Global Warming.
Turn Off Your Lights For One Hour.

8.30Pm Saturday 28/3/2009 (GMT +8)

Supported By WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)
Join Me in supporting the earth hour..
i will be supporting earth hour too..
lets come together to fight global warming..

it is getting really warm in Kampar..
off all your lights pls xD

Earth Hour

Laughing 哥 is dead

if you are same with me..
and are catching up with Astro On Demand..
then you will surely watch E.U
Emergency Unit or in mandarin, 学警狙击

in episode 22... He is dead..
he is my idol..
he made his decisions by a flip of his coin..
R.I.P Laughing 哥

L4D Again..

we, consists of Myself... Delon, Deyang, And my cousin Hao
went to Sky Online Kampar around 10:15pm..
i think the last time we went there is about 1 week ago...
and after that time..
all of a sudden, DeYang's Gf wouldnt let him go to cc..
lol.. he is afraid of his gf..
just because of his gf went back to Bidor..
he was a small bird getting out of the bird's cage for a few days..
can fly around and get his freedom,
temporary freedom..
only until his gf is away from him..
FIY.. his gf is Wei Thing
hahaha evil me :D

after a 6-hours in CC yesterday.. i didnt planned to go again today..
instead, i juz planned to stay at home and start my movie marathon again..
but... my fren just get himself out of the bird's cage..
gotta say ON.. if not we are lack of 1..
cause Left 4 Dead need a team of 4 people..
and i even planned not to go for dinner..
just wait for my cousin to tapao for me..

around 7:30pm..
my cousin phoned me..
and this is what he say
" The whole world, the whole westlake is going for dinner together "
then i was... must give face to them..
so i asked them to give me 5minutes..
i quickly get ready and went outside my house...
every1 is there...
at first it is really the whole group..
of 14 people..
but in the end.. only 8 ppl...
me, desmond, delon, deyang, dennis, chiang, ah si, and jim

we ate Claypot Chicken Rice..
it was quite nice..
but still..
couldnt went to dinner with mei yee and jy..
haha .. next time then...

Toilet Locked

Sorry Ron..
yesterday (friday),
after i used the toilet..
i didnt open the lock of the toilet..
makes you cannot use the toilet b4 u go to uni..
i wonder how u took your bath and brush ur teeth b4 heading to uni ??

*wondering to myself*
"you nvr bath and brush teeth a ??"
this question.. i will need to ask u next time :)
or until u notice this post ^^

Friday, March 20, 2009


my life yesterday is so so so so so busy..
it is not that busy..
just that it is filled by activities all day long...

i wake up around 12pm.. (if nt mistaken)
order delivery from Specky Guy
Ku Lou Yuk Fan
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice..
+Rice Rm0.50
= Rm4.00
* including delivery*

*Sweet & Sour Pork Rice*

After that.. went to class from 2pm - 4pm..
and another class from 5pm-6pm...
went home after class and get my self changed..
and head straight to futsal nearby my house..

came back and go for dinner..
this time with Ah Wong & the gang..
this is because his gf is all the way from penang to Kampar just to visit him..

and there was a story i wanted to share with you all..
My Pity Dai Lou, DeLon~

*Sleeping Beauty DeLon*

The Story begins when DeLon ordered Yong Zhao Fried Rice + Rice..
but the fried rice ended up in another table next to our table..
there are 3 girls on the table.. waiting for their food..
when the rice ended up on their table..
there was a girl started to play with it..
she knew that the fried rice is not her's..
then the lady boss quickly serve it to my friend..
according to my other friend, WeiThing,
she said that the girl might had tried it..:X

then my group started to play and joke with him..
we said many things to disturb him..
such as : Delon, you good la..order fried rice + rice, the boss give u extra "Pork Chop"
and "Here only got chicken chop and fish chop.. but u get pork chop"
but still he managed to finish his fried rice...

*DeLon With His Angry Face Looking At the Girl*

*His Fried Rice + (Pork Chop)*

after dinner, i straight to A Station..
one of the cyber cafe around kampar..
played from 9pm..
played 5 rounds of Dota Draft.. won 4 and lost 1..
finished at 3am.. and yam cha till 5am..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear With Her New Specs

my dear has just get her new spectacles..
its so cute!!
dont worry..
you look more pretty in your new specs..
i like it..

*Darling's Spec*


its not who i am saying hot..
it is the weather...
the weather in Kampar is getting weird!

its either very hot or very cold..
heavy rain or no rain at all..
it has been raining heavily for few days..
and now it is time for the the sun be back in action..

5.30pm in the evening..
i went to futsal nearby my house..
the sun around 5.30pm is still very hot..
even just few minutes under the hot sun..
the sun light is as strong as those in 4pm..
and even 7.30pm..
it is still very bright..
and even 8pm..
i still can see sunlight...

the world is changing...
weather in Kampar is getting weird...
more and more and more people are getting sick...
even my self is sick..
sore throat & cough..
take good care of your self..
and drink more water if possible..

and i had a bad news for my housemate..
about the modem..
i asked the office today..
and it has been proven spoilt..
and i dont know why in Westlake,
a lot modem had been strucked by lightnings..
including mine..
so, around dinner time..
i went to buy a 20-meters-long LAN cable..

now i can online in my room..
connecting my laptop straight to downstairs' router..
this is the advantage of long cable ^^

no matter what..
take care of your self..
i dont wan you to pain already..
i dont wan you to suffer..
everytime you pain..
u make me worry like mad..
until u tell me you are ok...
then only i will feel better
try to take care of your self..
if you still pain..
must tell me..
i know you will try your best to make me dont worry
but.. i dont care..
i wan to know also..
if still got pain must go check up ar..
i duwan dear pain already...
i love you..
i just want to let u know..
i will be there when u need me..
drink more water ar..
now de weather quite weird..
and try to rest more...

Mr. Specky Guy's Delivery Is Back

Mr. Specky Guy's Delivery Is Back
i love his food delivery very much
the reasons are
1) Cheap
2) Fast
3) No Delivery Charge/minimum delivery

His Name is Sei Ngan Chai..
4 eyes guy..
During Semester 1,
i think most of the delivery i order will be his'
this is because every time at home in the afternoon..
i will be hungry...
and other delivery is so so so damn expensive..
after he has been resting for about 6months..
he is back in business~

Yong Zhao Fried Rice only Rm3.00
+ rice RM0.50
+ egg Rm0.50
+ delivery to your door..
= RM4.00
with no extra chargers..
you might think the food he give will be less..
this is what i ordered yesterday..

*Yong Zhao Fried Rice*
+Delivery To Your Door

feel free to call for delivery..
9.30am - 9.30pm only
Kampar West Lake Homes Only

012-9630383 , 012-6391392
90 types of food for you to choose

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Accident Accident Accident

these days..
i keep on getting news about accidents..
at first it was my friends..
which they were involved in accident near Cameron Highlands..

then the accident which occur in Kampar..
which took 2 people's life..
for those who like to drive fast..
pls do not do so..
the faster you drive.. the faster you reach the end of your life..
think of someone that you love, you care,
your family, your friends.. and every1 who cares about you..

*The Remaining Of The Honda Civic*

this hour you may still be living in this earth ..
the next hour.. you may not..
appreciate everyone in your life..

even a friend of mine are involved in accident..
somewhere on the road of East-Coast highway..
she was in an accident during her way back to Kuantan..
luckily it is a minor 1..
thx god..

it is nt your fault u r involved in accident..
accident is nt u wan 1 rite ?
dont be sad..
dear keep telling me about your stuff..
it is really nt your fault .. :)
dont worry too much okay ?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Modem Burst

the day was just normal until my class ended..
we went to the entrance of heritage hall because our class is having a class photo taking session..
we wore white t-shirt and jeans as for our bottom..
we took this class photo is to increase the funds of the Phototaking club society..
(the pictures will be uploaded when i get it from them)

reach home around 4.30pm..
i planned to go futsal but the weather is cloudy..
and it started raining at 5.30pm..
the heavy rain followed by lightnings and thunders attacked my house..
while i was standing by the window..
i saw a bright lightning strike down the earth..
follow by a loud bang frm the thunder and my house are completely out of electricity..
i quickly pull out the internet wire and the power supply of my laptop..
just incase if my laptop will be strike by the lightning..

while watching "Scary Movie" with the temporary power supply from the battery..
i can see another lightning striking the earth..
and again followed by another loud thunder..
i can see my housemate outside of my room..
checking out the modem..

all we know is that the telephone line is already unplugged by me..
but after the 2nd thunder..
i can see the line is already plugged in..
and that ends the life of the modem..
cannot on9 using my modem..
i only can on9 through my cousin's computer..
he shared internet for me to use..
thx noob..

to the person who plugged in the line..
i wont do anything..
just let it be..
he is really damn stupid!
i think until i will going to use my cousin's internet until my modem is back..

dont worry me that much..
i already finish my assignment..
all my lazy worms are leaving my body..
except the few that really lazy and dont want to leave my body..
this is why i am still that lazy =p
i know it is not possible for u to not worry me..
this is same to me..
i couldnt stop worrying you..
the time i can really stop worrying is that,
the time i am beside you..
hugging you in my arms..
and never let you go..
i love you dear..
take care..

A Cloudy Sunday..

dont know why i dont have the mood to post yesterday..
just dont feel like posting..
so.. today i wake up earlier to post this blog..

yesterday's weather is kinda cloudy..
makes me tired and sleepy..
but i still managed to go for lunch with my friends..
my legs are painful..
maybe it is because of too long of sitting and lying down..
the day before..
i spent 11 hours on the bed.. except the 10mins i went for dinner..

so.. the next day i wake up...
my legs are tired and painful..
and my body are uncomfortable..

the next half of day.. i just spent my time again in movie marathon..
but this time i got stop in the middle of the marathon..

my assignments..
i didnt finish it yet..
but i will finish it by today (16/3)
jia you jia you!!
Siak! you can do it!!

i know you are going to japan tmr..
i wish you all the best there...
i will surely miss you..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Drama Marathon

lol.. wake up almost 11..
not feeling well..
so i decided not to go uni today..
i'm nt there but my spirit is there..

then delon find to go and eat..
at first i called my cousin to tapao..
then delon told me that my cousin is coming back to fetch me..
so i go and get ready and about 5mins,
he fetch me to eat lunch..
then went to cc for awhile..
came home around 2.30pm..

dont have the mood to do my assignment..
so i leave it for tomorrow..
just didnt do any thing much today..
from 2.30 onwards..
i watch HK drama until 5pm..
den take a nap till 7
and continue my movies until about 5mins b4 i started to write this post
use about 10hours in movies..
its been quite along time since i last time i spent my time with movies..

i even set up my lap top on the chair and my pillow on my bed..
lol.. off the lights and watch like what i am in the cinema
its quite fun but tiring..

and this part is for (- -")
i know you worried about jie yin..
but, i will try my best to be with her..
to be the best for her..
be there when she needs me..
thx for your supporting on my blog and her's
nice to meet you btw.. ^^

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yesterday & Today

me and my friends went to CC again..
didnt have time to blog about yesterday..
so i will blog about it today..

we cycle to Cc while delon and Deyang went there by motorcycle..
i cycled my bicycle.. which i didnt even touch it for months..
i told my cousin "dun ride so fast.. later tire puncture"
3 seconds after i say this words..
my back tire puncture...
so i get down of the bicycle and push for awhile..
while waiting for Delon to come..

he ride the motor quite fast and didnt realise i am at the road side..
luckily Deyang saw me.. and they came back to me..
my cousin fetch deyang to Cc while delon fetch me home with the bicycle..
i sit at the back seat and carry up the bicycle with one hand..
it hurts my hand badly cause my hand is already painful because of pumping..
so many people are looking at us..while we are riding the motorcycle..
thats all for yesterday..

nothing happened..
my classes are 12-1 and 1-2..
but both of them ended half and hour earlier...

i still dont understand what really happened to you..
we are not your anyone..
dont show us your black face..
i dont give a damn on what your problem is..
you give us those black face as if we owed you something..
learn to tolerate with other people..
we dont need to tolerate with you all the time..

dont nid to worry so much about me..
thx for supporting me when someone
said something bad in my cbox..
i will try to go cc lesser..
but i think i wont stop going there..
i'm tired..
and i think i am going to sick..
so.. i will take k of my self de..
i already drink alot alot alot alot alot alot of water already..
just i dont wan to eat medicine..
try to use another way to be healthy..
i dont want you to worry me that much okiex..

i know our schedule are not the same..
but.. i will try all my best to be with you..
when i have time.. i will surely find you de..
i will wait for you until you free..
i love you.. muackx..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random & Funny..

*Handsome Malaysia's Ricky Martin*

*Specially For Those Who Watched American Pie b4*
(Dont Try This At Home)

*An Amazing Story*

Thx Dear~ I Finally Got It..

Finally get my first gym equipment..
thx dear for getting it for me..
although the day b4 i came back to kampar,
i wanted to get it..
but at last i didnt..

when i reach kampar..
i didnt put much hope on getting it..
mayb next time when i am going back to kuantan only get it..

i really appreciate what you did for me..
you told me it was just a photo frame for me..
but after i open the bag that you gave it to me..
i saw another thing coming together with the photo frame..
it was NordicTrack Push Up Stands~
you planned very well..
you told me you ask me questions to make sure
that i dont have time to go and buy it for my self..
you even told me, just because u want to get it..
you went to Ecm for many times..
thx for everything dear..

*NordicTrack Push-Up Stands*
*My First Gym Equipment*
*Muscle that will be built by Push-ups*

*My Second Photo Frame*

Love you dear..

These few days keep on gaming and movies..
dont even have time for my studies..
i think tonight there is going to be a match again..

Today's class is 10-12pm..
the only class for today..
took picture of a van..
the mirror on the side mirror is missing..
and the owner put a motorcycle's side mirror as substitute..

*Cool huh?*

i wonder if he can see..
the mirror is so small...

these few days..
i didnt pei dear as much as any other days..
maybe it is because of all my time
are spent on playing games..
i dont know if tonight will have match again or not..
i will try to go home earlier..
i dont wan you heart pain because i dont have enough rest..
i will get rest when i am tired..
dun worry..
i wont make my self sick..
i love you dear..
thx for the push-up bars and photo frame..
i love you..
thx for everything you do for me..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Course Transfer

Accountancy ?
Business Administration ? (currently selecting this)
Financial Economics ?

Which one should i choose ?
from the info i get.. tmr is the last day of course transfering..
but in the form, the due date is on this friday..

should i transfer to accountancy ?? or financial economics??
my friend told me that FE or Accountant have a bright future..
but these 2 are nt my choices..
i dont want to take accountancy as my major choice in my degree..

but as for business admin ??
arhh.. i dont really know..

FE ?? i wanted to join.. but i have no friends there.. if i study alone..
i will be surely completely dead..! For sure!
and... some1 is there..
i dont know what happened to her..
she was once my best friend in sem 1..
we chit chat and joke all the time..
we even go for lunch, breakfast together..
but all of a sudden..
she just never talk to me and my friends..
till now i dont really know..
btw, it is already quite a long time since the last time i said Hi to you..
i am sure that you wont read my blog..
nvm lar.. already used to it..

just now kinda hungry.. so cook maggi using rice cooker..
These are the pictures..
it is nt maggi anyway..
its mamee

*My First Rice Cooker*
(Maggi Cooker in Kampar)
*Mamee, Perisa Vegetarian*
*It taste better than it looks*
*Thx 2 my cousin for helping me wash the dishes*

ate 2 packets today..
its kinda full now..
rest for awhile and sleep
nitexx ^^

Monday, March 9, 2009

Study !!

First week of this sem 3...
is kinda boring..
cause there is ntg much i can do..
plus including today..
there are 3 days of holidays..
didnt do anything useful..
wasted all my time playing games, movies, sleeping, wasting time..

these few days,
i always go to cc..
to play games with my fren..
Left 4 dead..
reach home, i play Dota with other friends..
will i be like last time ??
almost all the time i used for gaming..
including my study time ??

my hope for 2A's for this sem doesnt come easily..
lets work hard for it~
gotta go 4 now..
may post another later at night if i am free..
study!! gogogo Siak!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just want to share some funny pictures that i get from Pyzam

*Bottomless? or 65 Feet Deep?*
*Yeah~ Seriously*
*Get Your Anal Exams Before May 29*

*Please Die Slowly ^^*
*How about the other 38?*
*I'll Get 1 Too =.=*

*At the age of 10*
*At the age of 18*