Friday, June 19, 2009


SOrry dear.. i just went home..
about 10mins ago..
its not that ur fault u couldnt wait for me..
it is because it is too late..
i will go and sleep now..
nitex.. see u tmr >.<

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Futsal..

lol.. back to futsal for now..
at least i can go out in the evening to exercise..
better than staying at home and do ntg..

kinda tired but fresh after going out for sports..
can sweat and exercise..
at the same time..
meet new friends and other stuffs..

planning to go back to kuantan next weekend.
cause after that week..
i will be busy till the last week of this semester already..
must go and get a pair of futsal shoe..
wearing converse shoe as a replacement for futsal shoe is really painful.
painful to the heart and my legs...
my pair of feet.. almost destroyed by the other converse shoe..
cause it will keep on making your legs having blisters..
temporary.. i will be using that for another 2 weeks..

there is another 2 new students who repeat in business accounting..
and 1 more new student from PJ campus..
that means..
i gotta set the assignment group again..
lol i guess..
having 6 members for each group as we have 18 class members..
but now..
came out another new classmate..
i guess we gonna break up..
at least to make it 5 5 5 4 .. maybe ?
dont know yet..
gotta contact my tutor ..


pressured.. by the work of classrep =p

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lol.. left my phone at my friend's room

Left my phone at my friend's room..
and he went to yam cha..
planned to sleep early..

when i get back to my room and start to search for my phone..
it went missing..
frightened me for awhile..
cant sleep d..
so fresh now..

Friday, June 12, 2009

ahhahaha LAZY ME!!

dont know why
dont feel like blogging..
after for so long..
about a week ..
since i last blogged..

ntg much happened this week..
tomorrow will the last day of class in week 2..
time passes so quickly..
just feel like going back to foundation..
where i can still enjoy my life without any pressure...

last week.. i scolded and i dont wan to be a class rep..
but now it is all different..
class rep is actually quite fun..
and quite responsible too
yesterday night when i was lying down on the bed..
and i am still thinking about the group assignment name list that supposed to be passed up to the tutor today..
after ready up for class...
the first thing i did is to write the name list out..
it is not as simple as u think cause there are repeat students and elective subject students..
where they already took few of the subjects in their diploma..

having 5 subjects this semester is not simple..
this sem will be a tough 1...
start with
1) Business Accounting 1
2) Quantitative Techniques 1
3) Economics
4) Marketing
5) Corporate and Business Law

trying to get to know all my classmates..
is tougher than it looks..
slowly will do..
now i think i already get to know about 50% of my classmates..


call me class rep =p

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ha hA hA~~~~

lol.. dont know lar...
already accepted as class rep..
i shall do my best..

photostat ?
i dont think i can do that .. :)

i dun have transport..
to those who enjoy photostat .. pls tell me :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday didnt post any..
dont have the mood to stay in front of the computer
the weather is really so so so so so so so really damn hot!!!
even at night at 8pm... it is still about 32 degree Celsius according to my friend's thermometer..
yesterday's life is really HOT!

1 Word to describe the weather yesterday is HOT!
HOT for the whole DAY and NIGHT!~
i can feel the wind but the air is hot!
my room is like an oven..

having the best spirit to get into the first class of my degree course..
and it is a very disappointed one..
having class at 11am is ok..
the weather makes me very hot..
but still i get ready to go to the first class of my degree course..
and the class is SUPER BIG..
able to fit like 2-3 classes..
and my class only consists of 6 people..
AND the worst part is there is no lecturer..
no tutor came to that class..
the class is empty~~
except some of the wire man that came in to repair some lights..

lesson of the day~
repair lights..

*Wire man repairing the lights*
*Class without Tutor*

sit there for about 45minutes..
then we went to FBF to pass up some form and do some things..
walk back to Block C because the receipt have some minor mistake..
changed it and walk back to block A to pass up the form..
then went to get some food..
reached home and planned to sleep..
and i remembered my laundry..
get up..
and carry my laundry and my cousin's laundry all the way to the temporary laundry office..
which is quite far from my house.. under the hot sun at 1pm+ ..

get home and sleep until 3.15pm..
my lecture class start at 4pm..
having the hot weather for the whole day really makes me wanna sleep at home..
reach in front of the lecture hall
hoping for the best air con inside..
but the plan doesnt work..
there is no air con in the hall
either broke down or something
having 150 people sitting in the hall without air con
and trying to concentrate and learn some stuff..
luckily it ended 1 hour later..
haih.. HOT DAY~~

Today is the same..
Also as hot as yesterday..
but only for the afternoon part..
morning is quite cool..
today's class is kinda sucks..
class is at 8am..
makes me sleepy and hard to pay attention..

another class is at 2pm - 4pm
he can finish his lecture in about 1 hour+
dont even know how 2 cope with it..
gotta go for now.. :)
tutorial time!~

dont emo that much already..
its been few days already..
i miss u ..
i miss your smile dear..
i love u..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bak to Kampar~ Long post today

couldnt drag it any longer...
i couldnt drag my holidays to a longer period already..
time had come and i am back to Kampar..

boarded the bus on 30th May...
early morning wake up and get ready to get into the bus..
and one problem occurs when i am waiting for the bus..
luckily i saw few students from UTAR too..
having the same bus with me..
the bus came at 9.30am sharp..
as wat it is written on the ticket..

the only thing different this time is the direction board in front of the bus written
i was reluctant to board the bus
but that was the only bus
i saw the 2 girls from UTAR went up the bus..
i quickly went to the bus and ask one auntie standing nearby the bus
she said that her daughter is also studying in kampar..
and this bus is from Kuantan to Ipoh..
just the driver havent change the direction board in front of the bus

i quickly get into the bus.. and started to text my parents and gf..
this time..
the bus is really slow..
thx to the heavy traffic ..

reached Kampar at 5pm..
thx Yeow and Kai Yee for fetching me from the road side ^^

clean up my room and set up everything..
take me till 8.30pm..
started to rest for the day..

didnt wake up early today..
juz woke up without the help of alarm clock..
get rested..
watched some movies from Goh.. (friend of Shan)
duno what title..
it should be "ying ye 3+1"

lol.. Taiwan drama..
watched it to spent my extra time..
ntg much happened..

and Kampar had become DAERAH
Daerah Kampar~
huge population already..
last year when we went to eat dinner..
it will be like 20-30% of the tables are empty
yesterday it was like 120% full
100% sitting at the table
and 20% people waiting..
i guess i wont be out for dinner that much
delivery will do =)

went to register after a week of orientation that i had skipped..
FBF is full of people
DSA too..
waited and waited and waited..
omg...................................................... UTAR is really crowded!!


gotta go for now.. i am hungry...
order delivery and enjoy my movies :)

see u guys....

Ying Ye 3+1

sorry i couldnt be with you
when the time u need me the most..
i couldnt spent much time with u
i even went go CC ytd..
but still ok lar..
lose 1 round and win back 2 rounds..
i successfully registered and tomorrow
i will be start sutyding already..
i dont know if u can on9 to see this blog post..
but its ok..
i will still post it..
i miss u...
few days without u make my life so so boring..
and one bad news..
according to my friends..
there is no more 3 months sem break
the only semi-good news is that.. sem 2 is a short sem..
which means if really short sem..
my holiday will be between middle December -> early January..
if that is that i had counted correctly..
hope to go on vacation with u and ur friends..
i love u dear..
take care