Thursday, October 22, 2009

To My Precious Emo Queen~

EMO QuEEN!!!~~
dont always emo arr~~
love u always..
take u oo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick >.<

Came back to Kampar this Sunday..
once i get into the bus..
i feel uncomfortable
the bus we normally take have 30 chairs excluding the driver's seat
but this time, the bus that i took have 40 chairs..
and the place for a normal seat is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so small!!!!!!!

there is a girl sitting next to me..
just dont feel like talking..
i am trying my best to avoid her..
just not to ter-touch her or ter-hit her or something..

once reach kampar..
as usual..
major clean up..
took me 2hours to clean up my room..
didnt go out for dinner..(tired la)
just called delivery and eat at home..
and i realized that my Internet Line is SO LAGGING!!!
from Sunday Until Now..
i dont know if the lag that i feel is just my line or every1 else in Kampar
canot do anything about it..
the line is lagging for over 3 days..

just feel like blogging after read few of my friend's blog..
cause i found one sentence that said
"blog.. for me... is the way to share my feelings with my friends"

so, just blog to express my feelings..
since sunday, i am sick..
until now..
maybe now is considered ok..
but still got a lil sore throat and some minor fever..

but then..
the problem is not here..
when i am sick..
the one that worry most.. is my darling..
sorry oo, i make u worry..

i will take care of my self and will not let my self be sick..
U must take care of ur self also when i am not around..
i dont wan u to have headache..
it makes me very useless as i couldnt do anything to help u..

and for *ENIALE Mirrored*
this post is for u :D

i think my darling went to sleep ler..
she didnt reply my message..
i guess.. its time for me to take some rest too..
nitex every1.. :)

the next post will be the magic mug from my Lovely Darling..
muackss ^^ if i have the time =p

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

University Life..

Being able to borrow some money from Ptptn makes every1 on of us feel good..
able to have some cash to spend..
at least not a small amount of money..
Even though i did not get full from ptptn..
half is quite alot compared to none..

after getting the time table of signing session with the Ptptn officer,
we get ready our documents
and wait for the time to come..

For my course, it is on Wednesday 19/8/09
which is today..
the earlier session is for another courses 8.30am-12.30pm
even though they extend the time till 1.30pm
there are still ALOT ALOT ALOT of students who havent have the chance to meet the officer for verification purposes..

These are some of the photos taken..
there are some of them sleeping..
after so many hours of waiting.. and their turn is still far away..
some of them are already having an emo face..

*Ken With His Emo Face XD*
*Kent (greenshirt) classmate's housemate*
(sry if i spell ur name wrongly)
*Another angle of the hall..*
~look at the number of students~
the black colour shirt guy is sleeping

About 2.30pm..
the officer is back..
some of the students even clapped their hands..
having a thought that i will settle this ptptn thingy..
i am wrong!!!!!!!
Really Wrong

one of the officer made an announcement..
those courses that have their signning session at 2pm,
please come again tomorrow at 8.30am..
i came at 1.45pm.. and went home at 2.45pm..
considered quite ok..
some of them even wait since morning >.<
sry for them..

went home and sleep..
try again tomorrow~
gotta sleep early 2nite..
tmr need to go there as early as i can..
which is around 7+ ??
i dont even know if i can wake up that early
hate to wake up EARLY!!

darling's stomach pain pain now..
but i cant do anything..
worried >.<

wait me...
let x = days to back Kuantan,
13 < x < 16

more than 13 days left..but less than 16 days..
wait for me~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to update my blog..

Friday.. June 19.. 2009

familiar with the date above.. ?
lol.. look at my previous post..
that is the last post since the last time i blog..
which is about 2 months ago..

my life ??
still fine
except with the some problems i had in my degree and the life around here
not much changes..
at least the life now is quite peaceful..
took all my midterm exams and passed up my assignments..
and the last thing after that is the presentation which falls on the 13th of August..
last Thursday.. after that really kinda free..
no exam pressure for now..
no assignment due date pressure..

the last thing that pressure me..
the application of PTPTN..
damn mafan wey..
need this need that..
certified this and that..
tomorrow must go and find some1 who can help me be my parents saksi..
hope my friend know where it is..
really mafan having this...
but what to do..
i need the money!!!! >.<

the last last thing..
setem hasil..
any1 know where to get it ??
hope i can settle the ptptn thing real soon..
even though the ptptn thingy is really mafan...
at least i still have time to spend around..
just finish Call of Duty 5..
world at war..
just the mission only..

Quek is coming back to Kampar later..
9pm bus..
thx for helping..
he is helping me to take the phone from my darling and bring it to me..
q-w-e-r-t-y is coming

thx darling for lending it to me..
love you so much dear..
you need to sacrifice one of your phone..
just to let me use..
i try to get a 2nd phone bah..
tat time darling can use back the number lur .. ^^

feeling weird..
all of a sudden.. i planned to blog again..
hmm.. something is wrong..
maybe i am too free until i need to find something to fill up my time ??

Friday, June 19, 2009


SOrry dear.. i just went home..
about 10mins ago..
its not that ur fault u couldnt wait for me..
it is because it is too late..
i will go and sleep now..
nitex.. see u tmr >.<

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Futsal..

lol.. back to futsal for now..
at least i can go out in the evening to exercise..
better than staying at home and do ntg..

kinda tired but fresh after going out for sports..
can sweat and exercise..
at the same time..
meet new friends and other stuffs..

planning to go back to kuantan next weekend.
cause after that week..
i will be busy till the last week of this semester already..
must go and get a pair of futsal shoe..
wearing converse shoe as a replacement for futsal shoe is really painful.
painful to the heart and my legs...
my pair of feet.. almost destroyed by the other converse shoe..
cause it will keep on making your legs having blisters..
temporary.. i will be using that for another 2 weeks..

there is another 2 new students who repeat in business accounting..
and 1 more new student from PJ campus..
that means..
i gotta set the assignment group again..
lol i guess..
having 6 members for each group as we have 18 class members..
but now..
came out another new classmate..
i guess we gonna break up..
at least to make it 5 5 5 4 .. maybe ?
dont know yet..
gotta contact my tutor ..


pressured.. by the work of classrep =p

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lol.. left my phone at my friend's room

Left my phone at my friend's room..
and he went to yam cha..
planned to sleep early..

when i get back to my room and start to search for my phone..
it went missing..
frightened me for awhile..
cant sleep d..
so fresh now..

Friday, June 12, 2009

ahhahaha LAZY ME!!

dont know why
dont feel like blogging..
after for so long..
about a week ..
since i last blogged..

ntg much happened this week..
tomorrow will the last day of class in week 2..
time passes so quickly..
just feel like going back to foundation..
where i can still enjoy my life without any pressure...

last week.. i scolded and i dont wan to be a class rep..
but now it is all different..
class rep is actually quite fun..
and quite responsible too
yesterday night when i was lying down on the bed..
and i am still thinking about the group assignment name list that supposed to be passed up to the tutor today..
after ready up for class...
the first thing i did is to write the name list out..
it is not as simple as u think cause there are repeat students and elective subject students..
where they already took few of the subjects in their diploma..

having 5 subjects this semester is not simple..
this sem will be a tough 1...
start with
1) Business Accounting 1
2) Quantitative Techniques 1
3) Economics
4) Marketing
5) Corporate and Business Law

trying to get to know all my classmates..
is tougher than it looks..
slowly will do..
now i think i already get to know about 50% of my classmates..


call me class rep =p

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ha hA hA~~~~

lol.. dont know lar...
already accepted as class rep..
i shall do my best..

photostat ?
i dont think i can do that .. :)

i dun have transport..
to those who enjoy photostat .. pls tell me :)