Thursday, May 28, 2009

~Barcelona 2 - 0 Manchester United~



Actually didnt planned to watch this football match of the great final of UEFA champions league Final..

Final - Barcelona vs. Manchester United, Olimpico, Rome, Italy.

waited for the whole year for another final match of UEFA champions league final..

i still remember the time when i watch the final match of UEFA champions league final last year..
that is the day where the next day of the final is our orientation for the foundation..
we planned to go orientation but still we didnt sleep that night
and went for this final
last year Manchester United won by penalty kicks 6-5 to Chelsea..

but this year..
one of the team changed and the other is still the same..
the same team is Manchester United and the team changed is from Chelsea to Barcelona..

i am still watching the match Live in ESPN sports in Astro right now..
the match is really interesting..
real interesting..
actually when both teams are the best teams in the world..

Manchester United is the first the English premier league
and Barcelona is the first in the Spanish League..

this is the result at 81' ...

10' S.Eto'o
70' L.Messi

and i am still watching it live :)
until the game ends..

the final score for the match is 2-0

~Barcelona 2 - 0 Manchester United~


Winner !!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am Bak in kuantan.. not back actually.. staying..

lol.. i am staying in kuantan..
if according to the original plan..
i will be in kampar right now..

last minute change of plans..
didnt follow my cousin's car back to kampar yet..

today went go buy bus ticket with darling..
bought saturday morning ticket..
those who free.. come fetch me ya..
^^ remember oo..
later i no car go home..

these few days..
really like usual..
spent all my time with facebook and tv..
ntg much to do..
today did something with darling..
watch tv for the whole day..
after we went to buy ticket..
thx dear for spending time to accompany me there..
u dont look well..
maybe u dont rest well or something..
u just look tired..
and i tried this new game..
called mybrute..
its a old game i think..
but its a online web-based game..
just give it a try..

go to play..
click here also can~

i will be back in kampar on the 30th May~
See u Guys

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


planned to take my original SPM certificate,
set my alarm..
but alarm ring for how long i also dont know..
just canot wake up until darling phoned me..
thx ya.. =p u are my personal assistance..

been playing facebook all day long..
really too nice d..
playing poker and restaurant city..
wasting my time with laptop and tv..

until afternoon..
i went to fetch darling home..
den fetch my bro lunch and went to find dear..
maybe i wake up too early this morning..
so, for the whole afternoon, i am tired..

just be with darling for awhile..
until 4+ i dont know wat time..
i fall asleep
including my dear..
alarm is useless..
cause when it rings..
darling already off it =p
sleep until her mummy is back :X

Saturday, May 16, 2009

okay.. i'm back!~

dont even have the mood to blog these days..
dont feel like doing so ..
dont have free time..
now i do have some time..
soon went back to college already..
so we dont go out at night that much anymore..

these days, i always spend my time with my darling..
haha..its real..
quite happy because i can spend all my time with my darling..
darling is not afraid to coming to my house already..
cause it is used to it..

yesterday spent most of the time at home...
because me and darling dont feel like going out after dinner..
watch tv and play with the laptop..
feel quite fun and happy too..
didnt tried watching tv with darling for a long period of time before..
about 11.30pm, we fetch bern after asking her mum's permission..
fetch her to Tc's drive thru and straight went to darling's house..
because of wei's semi-melt ice cream..
bern : you're welcome =p

today we planned to go megamall.. or Ecm..
so.. we flipped a coin to help us decide..
the result shows megamall..
but we went to ecm because i wan to take picture with the photo machine
went there and tried baskin robins..
the icecream is very nice..
but even a scoop..
it takes me very long to finish it..
went to get some foolscap papers...
after that, we tried the food in the food court in ECM..
dont feel nice..
the ABC there is not nice as the one near nirwana...
we went back to my house and wait for the time to pass
around 8.30pm..
we finally tried our first western meal..
in east grill..
then fetch darling home..
now i am at home doing nothing..
currently paying attention to facebook's poker..
add me in facebook ya...

~ ~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


dont really like my body..
feel so weak..
must exercise more already..
getting more and more useless nowadays..
getting sick and sick all the time..

today is the 2nd day i sick..
but is getting better now...
thx dear for spending some time with me in the afternoon..
u call me to rest more because i am sick..
u also must rest more ar..
u sick for 6 days already...
tomorrow if u r nt going 2 school..
tell me..
i hope i can go out and yam cha wif dear..

sorry to those who came from ipoh..
i promised u all that i will be going out wif u guys..
but i didnt do so..
feel so bad..
suddenly sick..

gotta go rest now..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiring day~ Happy Mother's Day

today was a tiring day..
11am till 6.30pm enjoying my life
almost enjoying..
quite tiring btw..
wake up around 10.30am..
take my bath and went to SMART..
got an event called Smart Niaga.
smart students are doing business..
didnt really see around there..
just stick to my darling =p
cause i dont wan to go anywhere..
lazy to look around..

saw bernice, jy, shirley there...
actually we planned to go out on Monday..
which is today..
because Smart and Smkaa students dont need to go to school tomorrow..
but because of the coming examinations of those Form 4 students..
shirley cannot go out..
so we changed plan and we went out today..
again.. we went to Ecm..
cause i wan to eat at Black Canyon..
tried the food introduced by De Lon..
its not really that nice only..
but considered nice.. 70marks out of 100..

darling eat spaghetti and we both drink watermelon frost for drinks..
today ok lar..
can enjoy some food..
after that .. we went to the same photo taking booth..
same machine..
at first they say dont wan..
bernice say expensive.. haha
but then..
after awhile..
they enjoying so much there
their expression is priceless..
should record them down..

fetch shirley home.. then straight to gelora to drop her down..
den fetch bernice back
den lastly my darling..
quite tired today..
thx darling..
pei me 4 the whole day.. :)

tomorrow will be going out again :) with darling
gotta sleep in a while..
see you..

Happy Mother's Day~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Few days dint post ~ Happy Birthday Grace

its been few days already since i last blog..
really have a busy life in kuantan~
everyday go out in the afternoon and at night...
damn damn busy...
wake up late sleep late..
healthy life style =p

thursday went ECM with darling..
went and try the photo taking machine..
haha.. quite funny when we pose infront of the camera and the machine keep on taking pictures and speak Japanese..
we dont understand and keep on press press and
wanna try again next time.. got 3 machine there =p

yesterday didnt go anywhere special..
afternoon spent some time with my darling...
planned to wake up earlier so that i can fetch mummy to work
then i can take her car..
but by the time i wake up
mummy came back for lunch and wake me up
and went to work..
lazy pig.. canot do anything..
sleep is more important
den i walked to mummy's office..
quite near only.. bout 15mins walk..
get the car and straight to darling's house..

dear is nt feeling well..
i cannot do anything to make her better
all i can do is stay beside her when she needs me..
must be there for u...
today before i sleep..
post more better...
cause tomorrow will b another busy day for me

today's life is quite fun...
again my plan fail because of my self..
i slept until the time is out ..
slept until quite late..
cannot have lunch with my darling...
these few days..
i will bring darling to eat lunch 1..
sorry... >.<

didnt go for lunch.. so we change plan..
we went for a walk in megamall..
because that day we went ECM...
walk around up and down the megamall
saw few of my friends..
Dennis is back from KL..
now he is in kuantan..
treat him ice cream..
so next time he treat me yam cha.. =)

walk around mega for few hours..
didnt buy anything ...
bought some earrings for Jovy..
darling's cousin..
planned to buy something for darling..
but she dun wan...
see lar.. i will buy de =p

Happy Birthday Grace..
sorry i am not able to attend your birthday party..
i went to my grandparents house..

because of i went to my grandparents house..
i couldnt go for my friend's birthday party..
jz now go cc for awhile..
have a boring game and find dear for awhile..
den went to yam cha after fetching darling home..
reach home about 2.30am..
its now about 3.30am..
and i going to sleep already
tomorrow going to smart niaga~
Support ya!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back In Kuantan..

ok .. i would like to talk about the journey home that night..

it is about 9.40pm when we get up on to the bus..
we find our seat and sat down..
delon's sit at another place because a malay girl sat on his place..
i dont know y ...
they say "duduk mana-mana saja" ( anywhere u like )
he get his seat and off we go~ towards Kuantan..

everything is fine until 10:20pm...
the bus suddenly stop at the road side..
for no reason and for nothing..
we waited for about few minutes..
the bus driver off the bus' engine..
he get down of the bus..
dont know how and where he get water from..
maybe from a tank of water inside the bus..
start filling up another smaller bottle and walk towards the engine..
i think there is something to do with the bus' engine..

after about 15minutes..
the driver get into the bus and start the engine..
luckily the bus didnt breakdown..
if not i will be waiting for another back up bus to arrive to fetch us back..

and off we go~ towards Kuantan again..
but this time the bus had a slight changes..
the bus is a little bit shaking..
just get into the toll for a few seconds..
the bus driver stop again..
get down of the bus
and start to do with his water thingy and with the engine part..

and we waited for another 15minutes inside the bus..
praying hard so that the bus will not breakdown..

this time better..
we managed to move for about 45-50 minutes before the bus driver stop at Tanjung Malim bus station..
because some of them get up on the bus from there..

and when reach tanjung malim..
there is another problem...
the seat number 26 is sold twice..
30 seats available.. and there are 31 passengers..
and they started to count tickets..
this and that ... haih.. so unlucky.. problems after problems..
dont know how but they settled by a girl getting down the bus..

this time.. they can head straight back to Kuantan..
we reached at 4am..
about 1 hour late frm the normal time we arrive..
reach home around 4.30am..
rest for awhile...
watch some tv..
go on9..
and 5.30am i fetch dear to eat breakfast..
:) after fetching dear and my bro to school..
i went to sleep~
at 7.30am

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

yea yea yeah~~ i am going home!!

i will be in the bus in 2hours time and i havent pack my things yet..
havent eat yet..
haven this haven that
omg.. 2hours..haha

time faster come..
very happy ..
can see darling liau ..
in few hours time!! yeah !!

i better be going ..
pack my things and order delivery...
see you guys..
will be blogging when i am back in hometown..

Happy Birthday Jun Yi

Happy Birthday Jun Yi..
sorry didnt wish u face to face..
didnt meet u up today..

he had his celebration quite like me last year..
having birthday on the last paper of examination..
just that i am in sem 1 and his one is in sem 3..
good luck in everything you do..
all the best~
enjoy your semester break ya~~

what am i doing here? ?

i should be studying...
damn hard...
i was wrong..
i thought c.accounting will be harder..
but as for me now..
finance is much harder ...
i cant study anymore..
nt enuf sleep + pressure of examinations.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today will be a busy day for me

Tmr i will be having my 2nd paper of examination for the 3rd semester
and that will be the last paper for my foundation..
that is FINANCE!

compared to cost accounting..
i feel that finance is harder than cost accounting..
12 topics to go and i had only started until 4..
today will be a busy day for me ..
that is a sure
will be studying till midnight hoping that i will pass in that paper too
pass in flying colours of course..
good luck to every1 who are taking this paper tmr together with me..
good luck to my self~

I Will be going back to kuantan!! YEAH!!! Right after exam =p
exam till 4pm..
i going back at 9pm lar..
reach at kuantan about midnight 2.30-4am lar..
yeah yeah yeah..
see u guys soon!~

~study mood On~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Video From Britain's Got Talent 2009

Andy The Crazy Dancer Britain's Got Talent 2009 Video

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Addicted ~ Good Bye my housemate~

lol.. i am now addicted to Britain's got talent show..
i have been watching it for few days already
laughing alone when i saw funny things that the auditions did..
sad when touching stories came out..

i have been watching 2009's episode 1,2 and 3..
episode 4!! where are u ?
come out faster pls..
upload in youtube..!!

these days i am really bored.....
boring bored boring..
havent ntg to much to at home..
while waiting for my 2nd exam paper to come on the 5th of may..
which is about few days more ...
once after exam..
that night i will be sitting bus heading back to Kuantan!!!
faster come please...

To my ex-housemate..
there are 4 of my housemates that are moving out..
2 are going to Setapak..
2 are moving out of the house..

i think at the end of May..
there will be new housemates..
take care all of you~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Donald Bell-Gam on Britain's Got Talent 2008

Old video but funny~

Back From CyberCafe ~ Weird News

yesterday sleep quite late..
bout 5-6am..
today as usual..
never wake up early lor..
wake up around 3.30Pm ??
i dont know.. forgot le..
waste some time infront of the computer..
wait and wait and wait..
boring until see youtube..
like this can make time pass faster mar ..
until at night..

no people wan to go eat dinner..
all lazy and staying at home
including me..
as usual.. call delivery..
today chat with Wei Shan and Wei En..(my cousins)
they both wanna meet my little angel..
see la.. if i go back maybe got some time to meet u all 1..

time passes slowly and slowly until 10pm..
my friend call us to go cc..
play until 1am..
came home and they say wan to go yam cha..
kinda tired and a little headache..
so i didnt go..
better stay at home and blog..
see u all :) will be updating soon..

Ps: i did post a youtube video about my friend's group assignment..
due to some reasons from him..
he had to remove the video..
will be uploading the video after he passed up the assignment..


and i would like to share this article with all of you..

The robber, a 32-year-old man identified by as "Viktor," burst into the salon at around 5 p.m. waving a pistol and ordered all of the stylists and clients to hit the floor and toss him their money.

At this point, 28-year-old Olga, whom describes as a "delicate" girl trained in martial arts, was apparently still standing when she offered to hand over her cash. But when Viktor tried to accept her contribution, Olga surprised him with a quick punch to the chest, knocking the wind out of him before she flipped him to the ground.

Olga proceeded to tie Viktor up with a hair-dryer cord, gagged him and dragged him into a storage room.

Curiously, reports, Olga instructed the others to keep working, telling them that the police would soon arrive.

But this feel-good moment for the good guy proved ephemeral. Things soon turned ugly, according to

The police did not come. And after the other stylists and clients went home for the evening, Olga told Viktor to "take off his underwear" and, with apologies to John Cougar Mellencamp, let her do as she pleases, lest she call the cops, said.

She tied him to the radiator with handcuffs covered in frilly pink fabric, gave him some Viagra and had her way with him several times over the next 48 hours. When she finally let him go on the evening of March 16, Viktor had been "squeezed like a lemon," reported.

First, he went to the hospital to have his injured genitals treated; then he went to police and filed a complaint asking that Olga be brought up on criminal charges for committing "actions of a sexual nature" that left him with injured sexual organs, according to a copy of the complaint posted on

Olga was apparently incensed when she learned of the complaint. She had, after all, even tried to be nice to her purported captive.

"What a jerk," quoted her as saying. "Yeah, there were a few times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and drink, and gave him 1,000 rubles when he left."

The following day, Olga filed a complaint with police, asking that Viktor be charged in the salon robbery. posted a copy of her statement as well.

"I don't know what's going to happen now," the web site quoted a local police officer as saying. "We could put both of them behind bars: him for robbery, her for rape and assault."

I'm exhausted.

Get this article from :