Thursday, October 22, 2009

To My Precious Emo Queen~

EMO QuEEN!!!~~
dont always emo arr~~
love u always..
take u oo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick >.<

Came back to Kampar this Sunday..
once i get into the bus..
i feel uncomfortable
the bus we normally take have 30 chairs excluding the driver's seat
but this time, the bus that i took have 40 chairs..
and the place for a normal seat is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so small!!!!!!!

there is a girl sitting next to me..
just dont feel like talking..
i am trying my best to avoid her..
just not to ter-touch her or ter-hit her or something..

once reach kampar..
as usual..
major clean up..
took me 2hours to clean up my room..
didnt go out for dinner..(tired la)
just called delivery and eat at home..
and i realized that my Internet Line is SO LAGGING!!!
from Sunday Until Now..
i dont know if the lag that i feel is just my line or every1 else in Kampar
canot do anything about it..
the line is lagging for over 3 days..

just feel like blogging after read few of my friend's blog..
cause i found one sentence that said
"blog.. for me... is the way to share my feelings with my friends"

so, just blog to express my feelings..
since sunday, i am sick..
until now..
maybe now is considered ok..
but still got a lil sore throat and some minor fever..

but then..
the problem is not here..
when i am sick..
the one that worry most.. is my darling..
sorry oo, i make u worry..

i will take care of my self and will not let my self be sick..
U must take care of ur self also when i am not around..
i dont wan u to have headache..
it makes me very useless as i couldnt do anything to help u..

and for *ENIALE Mirrored*
this post is for u :D

i think my darling went to sleep ler..
she didnt reply my message..
i guess.. its time for me to take some rest too..
nitex every1.. :)

the next post will be the magic mug from my Lovely Darling..
muackss ^^ if i have the time =p