Saturday, February 28, 2009

~Smart Sports Carnival~

Games carnival~
haha.. i think i support other school's sports carnival better than i support my own school's sports carnival..
i think i havent been to my own school for sports carnival

went to support dear in her netball,
all of a sudden, a stupid teacher came from no where,
said that guys cannot see girls play netball
so nonsense..
sorry oo dear..
cannot see you play netball

dear's team get number 2 ^^
congratulations, first time play also get number 2 out of 4 teams..

*Dear's Netball Team*

*Dear & Her Ji Mui*
*Participants Of Sports Carnival*
-Tug Of War-
this is even funnier..
dear's team lose in 2 seconds..
i can see leong fly, others fall down..
funny and sad at the same time..
i feel like helping dear to pull the rope
*Everyone At The End Of The Event*
(except me and my cousin, as we both are the cameraman)

*The Description of Me by The Cashier Of KFC*
(Cina Pakai Speak Baju Putih)

When we are eating in KFC,
a few of students from UMP came and interviewed us..
ask about ethnics things..

after eating,
we walk around the beach area..
became cameraman for the whole day~
even the SMART teachers called us to take picture for them..

walking around the beach...
can hug dear for awhile..
take pictures for dear and ji mui.. again become cameraman
*Dear & Her Ji Mui Again*
*Me & Dear*

came home after lunch..
really really tired until nearly fainted..
just sit on the sofa for awhile..
and slept for 4hours
really become pig already

i will be going back to kampar tmr..
i say already mar..
i will be there to support u mar..
i am tired..
but i just wan to spend more time with you
see your school life
meet ur friends
join your life
i couldnt join your life all in a sudden..
all i can do is just slowly get to know more of your friends..
your classmates..
your schoolmates..
and slowly slowly know them all
then i can be a better bf ^^

thank you for everything you do for me dear..
you know when is the time i need you,
and u will be there for me..
be at my side..

take care when i am not at your side..
luckily sem 3 is short sem..
i will try to come back for our 100th day anniversary de..
if i am free.. i surely will come back de..
lets pray to God, hope that time, i will be free
i love you dear..

Its hard to find a suitable title

Since the first day i started blogging..
i feel that, it is really hard to find a suitable title..
so, i will just start without a title today..

kinda happy today,
bought 2 t-shirts.. and an anti-fog spray for my swimming goggles..
the economy of the world today is getting worst..

went to East Coast Mall today..
even though today is Friday (i am blogging on Saturday) ,
there are not many people around in the mall..
walked around parkson and managed to get 2 plain t-shirts..
Sales every where..
10% 20% 30% 50%
both of the t-shirts are 50% sales..

i still remembered that my classmate, Elaine.
She told me : "If there are sales of 50%, 60%, 70%, and if you dont buy something, dui mm ju ji gei"
what to do, i must buy them.. if not, i will be the one who dui mm ju ji gei..

these few days, i always tired.. tired tired tired all the time...
kinda tired in the afternoon today, so i went to take a nap, until the dog opposite my house.. keep on barking for about 10minutes.. and until i cant stand any more.
wake up and shout out loud..
after that, i can hear my neighbour scold the dog..
only after that, i can continue my nap..

went to fetch dear and straight to Megamall,
i speed quite fast in the town area, cause i feel that i am late for purchasing the movie tickets.
According to the Terms and Conditions, if it is not collected within 45 minutes prior of the showtime, the tickets will automatically be sold to the queue at the cinema.

*Love Matters*


overall, the movie is quite funny.. and it is 18PL,
Sorry to those underage consumer, you need to support the DVD ^^

i will support u tomorrow,
if i feel that i cannot wake up tmr,
this whole night i wont be sleeping
lovee you dear..
dont emo too much..
anything must tell me o..
i will try to be at your side..
to be with you when you need me

good luck dear in your netball and tug of war tomorrow
i will support you tomorrow
be your la la tui ^^

Friday, February 27, 2009

Timetable of Semester 3

Year 1 Sem 3
Foundation In Arts

Semester 3 is coming soon..
really really soon
next monday will be the first day of my semester 3 of my foundation studies
during this semester break,
the time passed too fast,
i feel like the day i came back to Kuantan is just few days ago
i miss my classmates, my friends in kampar..

the timetable is out today..
Ta6-Ta10 shared the same lecture hall,
which means, i wont be in the same class with Yeow, Jun Yi, Kai Yee..

hope you wont forget to call me for swimming next time,
i will be waiting

one thing i dont like about my new timetable is that,
there will be two days that the class ends at 6pm.
there's ntg i can do...
taz all for now..


Stressful life

havent been stressing since i finish my examination and till the day i get my results
today, i felt stressful for my dear..
she have to do practical thing about 13 systems of the rat,
preparing presentation for bio things..
all i can do is just be at her side..
hug her when she needs me..

this afternoon, i went to fetch her frm school..
ate lunch with her and her ji mui..
when we went back to her house, i see her and leong non stop searching for information about the bio presentation..
i could not help her as i dropped my bio even when i am in form 4..
all i can do is just help her search for information in the internet..
just feel bad that i couldnt help her..

good luck in your presentation tomorrow..
every time you need me,
i will try to be with you..
take care my dear,
dun always be stressful for simple things..
try to relax your self..
find things to do that will make your self more relax
i love you.

Coke Or What!

Coke Or What!

get this youtube video from someone's blog and i just want to share it with all of you..
have a nice day

Thursday, February 26, 2009


woke up quite late today..
just feel like sleeping...
wanna be like a pig today
sit for awhile in front of the tv..
then my cousin called me... ask me to check for my results...
omg... never been worried from the days i finished my exam
until just now...
around 1pm..

from the time i switch on my laptop.. until i log in to the utar website..
slowly scroll down the webpage..

the results was.. actually quite disappointing yet reliving at the same time..
i dont know why i will feel like this..
my aim for foundation is just to pass it with a good CPGA..

the whole sem 2, i have been wasting my time..
did not study until the last day of my exams..
assignment didnt do nicely..
sorry my group members..
i will work harder in sem 3..

sem 1, i get results which are good for me.. but for my parents, it is surely not acceptable..
sem 2, the results are worst than the results of sem 1..

happy for passing all the subjects, disappointed for not satisfying my parents..

wish everyone of you,
good luck for in your studies..
and get ready for your coming semester..

i will work harder in the coming semester..
you must jia you oso oo..
muacks.. love you dear...
happy 2 months anniversary yesterday..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be With You

Thinking alone in the middle of the night again..
and i realized again..
i need you by my side everyday..
a day without you already makes me suffering
think for about an hour...
lying down on the comfy bed doesnt make me asleep..

few more days,
i will be back in kampar,
that time,
i couldnt be at ur side everyday..
u must be careful with everything u do ar.
i'm nt there to protect u..
all i can do is just be with you when u need me..
to talk with you when u need some1 to talk to,
to chat with you when u have ntg to do..
take care my dear..
its already wednesday..
2 and half hours, it will be thursday..
i dont know when i will be going back to kampar..
its either saturday or sunday...
either of them, it is still few days b4 i'm leaving here again,
i can be with you anytime you need me..
i love you,
Jie Yin. .


I found this joke somewhere in a famous blogger of Malaysia, Rojaks

Last week
Shirleen and I was at this manufacturing exhibition where we stumbled upon a company displaying their range of weighing machines, we went in to take a look ....

Shirleen was quite impressed with one of the particular model, its a state-of-the-art digital weighing machine, she was pressing all the buttons and turning the dials on that machine trying to figure out how it works.

Out of no where, a sales representative (
Salesrep) jumped out and approached her

Salesrep : Miss you got high taste! This is our latest state of the art digital weighing machine! its not even in the market yet but I see you so interested with this machine ... why dont you stand on it and give it a try? if you like it then i give you 70% discount! Just for you!
Shirleen : 70%?!?! Dun wan ler .... i shy ler ....
Salesrep : no nid shy ler .... I promised i wont look at the digital display, no one will know your weight wan!
Shirleen : Dun wan ler ... shy ler .... later everyone knows my weight!
Salesrep : ok ok, i give you this masking tape la ... you cover the display so no one will know except you ok?
Shirleen : Masking tape ar? sure cannot see after tape?
Salesrep : Cannot see la!! the tape damn thick wan, How to see through it?
Shirleen : Ok lor .... you promise not to peek hor!!
Salesrep : I promise! I wont peek!

Shirleen then take the tape and stick it over the digital Display, she stand on it then nothing happened ....

Shirleen : Eh eh ... why nothing happening one?
Salesrep : oh i forgot to tell you ... you gotta turn it on first wan! nehhh.. press the red button to turn it on
Shirleen : This red button izzit?
Salesrep : yar yar that button ... press and see

Shirleen pressed the button whereupon a VERY LOUD digital voice from within the machine announced "Your Weight is Ninety XXXX Kilograms."

Salesrep damn bad hor..
*Hide one corner continue laughing*


Today's life is kinda simple..
wake up early today.. even though i sleep quite late yesterday..

wake up early = hungry for a longer time..
dont know y i dont have the habit of eating breakfast when i'm at home..
every time i wake up in Kuantan, i would not search for breakfast..
so, i will wait from the time i wake up,
until the time my mummy is back with lunch..
luckily, mummy came back quite early..

after that, i fetch mummy to work..
went home and get ready, ate my lunch, and fetch brother back from school..

wait till 3:30pm,
i went for abc with dear and her ji muix..
Leong, KarYan, Chien, Esther, Dear and Me
didn't take any pictures today..

after that, me and dear went back to dear's house..
didn't do anything special today..
not enough sleep makes me tired for the whole day...
sorry dear,
i go there and rest only..

went home and sleep after dinner until 10:30pm..
wake up and watch tv..
its time for me for tv again..
Kan Yan Kin ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today is a special day for me and dear..
went to find dear after lunch..
at home eat d, go dear's house eat again
cause how also must eat..
she'll be cooking for me :)
thx dear..
the spaghetti is nice dear... dun sad...
love you so much..

These are the ingredients prepared by dear..

*she looks so professional*
These are the process of cooking ^^
*looks delicious*

thx again.. dear
thx for the spaghetti and everything u gave me..
i love you..

after eating,
i went to learn piano for awhile..

At 5pm,
i fetch dear to get cake for her mummy,
Happy Birthday Auntie..
she managed to get her self bubble tea..

after that, we went back to her house...
played piano again until 6.30pm..
Happy-Angel-Elaine 's Blogspot
there are videos where me and dear duet..
thx dear for teaching me even though it takes me few days to learn the simple part

dun be sad...
i still have 5 more days before going back to Kampar..
these few days,
i hope i can spent all the time with you..
give u sweet memories,
i need you,
but.. i need to study
i will be back in a month or two..
by that time, we can spent our time again like nowadays..
i love you dear..
thx for everything..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tired Tired Tired

i dont know y i am so tired today..
wake up quite late..
around 2pm..
mayb it is because i sleep at 5am in the morning..

went to cousin's house for lunch
sit for awhile..until 4.30pm

i'm too tired to do other thing..
just went back to sleep
wake up for 2 and half hours and went back to sleep again
going to be pig already..

wake up at 7, bath, and again went back to the same cousin's house
for dinner this time..
watch tv, chat, eat for awhile..
went back at 10pm..

watched National Geographic at 10pm..
Darwin Special..
i learned something new today..
Velociraptor that we see in the movie, Jurassic Park
is not like that we think..

this is what we see in Jurassic Park..

based on the new facts that i get from National Geographic..
Velociraptor have fur/feathers and the hand looks like Turkey's Wings nowadays
i dont know if it is real of not

"Jurassic Park" Raptors Had Feathers, Fossil Suggests

Time, Time, Time, i need more time..

Couldnt have the time to post yesterday, cause busy for the whole day,
dont have time to sit infront of the computer for blogging..

time time time..
give me more time..

i dont wan to go back to kampar that early..
1 more week and i will be in kampar already
the new life begins..
Y1S3, Foundation in Arts..

Yesterday's Life

Wake up at 11+++
get ready to go out cause dear plan to go out for lunch together..
wait for dear to be home as she went to stadium for Sports Day..
fetch dear at around 1:30pm..

again.. after few minutes in the car thinking where to have our lunch..
we went to Seng Kong again..
ate the mee again.. and this time instead of donut..
i ate big pao..
*My Dai Pao*
*Dear's wu kok and egg tart*
went back to my house after lunch
watched tv, chat and on9...
until the time reaches 4+
i saw Bernice on9..
then dear asked her to change plan to climb Pelindung instead of jogging..
then she agreed..

i went to fetch her at 4:50pm
then fetch dear back home to change clothes..

Bernice has an idea,
instead of becoming our spot light,
she invited her friend to go together with us..
quite a long time since i climbed pelindung..
i think more than a year already..

when we reached the top,
went to a place where my friend brought me there last time
the place where we can see the Kuantan town..
took some pictures there
*Me & Bern in the car while waiting for dear*
*Me & Dear at the top of Pelindung**Looks like Heaven*

after that, we rushed down, cause i am already late for the dinner
somemore need to fetch they all home..
went home, bath and straight to Kam Mun Lao,
my mummy told me to get ready at 7:30 and at 7:15, we already going to the restaurant..
i dont know y we need to rush there

didnt plan to go out that night..
but my bro's friend phoned me and call me to go cc..
i said ok..
although i m tired, but still manage to play few rounds

went to mcdonald until 5+
straight sleep after reached home..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy --> Sad

happy..... is what i felt this morning when i wake up..
wake up quite early compared to the other days i spent during this semester break..
having the idea of fetching dear back from school
makes me jump up from the bed when the alarm started ringing

fetch dear at 12pm
wait dear bath then went to ECM for lunch

every time went out with dear and friends...
i will notice something...
they will go to bookstore to buy stationery

went lunch with dear, Karyan, Chien and Leong..
ate at Black Canyon..
the food quite nice...
as usual... the price is higher than other places..

*Dear's Tom Yum*
*Leong's Spaghetti**My American Fried Rice*

then fetch dear to tuition..
went home and slept for awhile..
cause at night i am going out with dear again..
this time with aiko

went to fetch dear at 7:30pm..
aiko went go her house to wait for me to fetch them
cause i dont know where she stay..

couldnt think for a place for dinner..
so we went to McDonald..
ate fast food again..
sorry ar dear.. duwan eat fast food already
i think u eat until scare already..

after dinner,
we went back to ECM to buy some ingredients to cook
cause dear promised me something..
before paying, i saw KayaBall..
last time when i am small.. i like it very much
i still remember the stall where it sells it..
Inside megamall, lower ground floor, under the escalator..

fetch bro back from tuition and straight went to cool X
play until quite late..
yam cha after leaving cc,
went home and sleep~

*sorry dear,
i dont mean to scold u when u r not in the mood to rest..
i know u r sick..
sorry dear ..


my dear sore throat i also dont know..
still wan to scold her some more..
sorry dear ...
i dont wan to scold u de..
just dont know y i will talk to you like that..

i hope i can be there for you now..
be there when you need me..
be there when u need my shoulder..
ready my shoulder for you to lean on..

i came back kinda early today..
actually didnt plan to go yc de...
just my friend wan to eat..
so, pei them lur..
i will try to come home as early as i can ...
dont wan you to worry me too much..

dont emo le la...
i very sad when i see u emo..
makes me wanna emo too..
love you dear..
take k ar...

Friday, February 20, 2009

~Pants on fire~

again in the middle of the night..
haha.. 4am this time..
sorry o dear.. =p
makes my pants on fire again =p
burning hot now..

kinda happy.. just back from cc... met my old friends, yik fong, nelson, kah woon, hai jing
have a match of dota with them..
won it =D

woke up at 1+ after the alarm of my phone wake me up..
i still able to snooze the alarm and continue sleeping for another 10mins
too tired already

at first, it is my responsibility to fetch my bro to hospital for his check up..
but my elder bro offered to fetch..
so, i have extra time for dear dear

went to fetch her at 3:30pm..
went to McDonald..
it is first time for me to order through the screen while talking to the officer in charged
*outdated siak*
then straight to ryan, dear's tuition place..

happy to see dear everyday.. since the day i come back...
i think only 1 or 2 days that we did not see each other..

then went home..
sorry dear, today didnt spent more time with you..
after yam cha, normal plan is to go home..
but my friend planned to go cc.. so we went there
1 game after another..
until the last one ended at 3:45am
then went home...
gotta sleep lur.. 4:10am already..

dear..i sleep early or late...
the time for me to wake up is after 12...even though i sleep at 4..
i wake up at 12..
that means i have enough sleep for that day.. cause
average sleep time needed by people is 8hours..
i know it is for my own good..
but dont worry that much..
i will take good care of my self de
i sure dont wan dear to worry me all the time
take k dear, i will take k of my self
i love you..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No More Time Wasting

i think yesterday's life wont be that time wasting gua..
cause i did something memorable today.. :)
at least for me and dear

wake up again at 12:30pm..
after mummy wake me up when she back from lunch
she tapao economy rice today..
it is quite nice and got my favorite food ma.. Egg~
its quite a lot cause i think mummy add rice for us gua..
don't know y today my bro offered him self to fetch my younger bro..
so, i have some time to get my self ready up..
to go to mummy's office to get car and car keys..
and straight to dear's house right after i get my mummy's car

reach dear's house just minutes after she reached home from school..
saw leong and chien there..
after they left, dear go and bath..
about 3:30pm, we find chien for yam cha..

dear : chien, u find place 4 yam cha ar ...
chien : ok!!

when we reached outside her house..
and when we asked her where we wanna go for yam cha..
she asked us back...

then we planned to go seng kong..
ate quite a lot..
just felt hungry mar...
(pictures will be updated next time after i get the pictures from dear)

after fetching chien home, me and dear went back to her house..
we chit chat for awhile, then go and make my hair straight ..
just a temporary one, using her hair straightener..
never play b4 ma.. just play for fun lu..

went down and play piano for awhile..
learn some part of a song..
but i still duno how 2 play..
the hand so "keras".. duno how 2 move 1 =.='
sorry ar dear.. not i duwan to learn.. it is just hard for me ..

Btw dear..
i'm happy that in the afternoon u have some time for me..
it is just that, we need to appreciate what we have..
cause the time really moves very fast..
i came back last Saturday, and today is already Thursday..
next week, i will be back in Kampar,
i think by that time, i wont be that free to come back to Kuantan..
i will try my best to get some free time to
come back to Kuantan during weekend ba..
i love you too dear..
miss your touch, your hugs, kisses.. everything
i just miss you..

sorry again.. promise to sleep early, but i didn't
just don't know y i dun wan to sleep..
just feel like,
after i sleep, the time is wasted..
i hope that the time we spent together,
will be our memories..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There is ntg you should do..
i'm fine...
just.. let it be...
as i said already..
it is intended for u mar..
dun feel so sad ler..
just let it be lar..
let it flow naturally..
i know, u worried bout me..
but.. i already think the best wey is let it be..
just dun think of it..
i love u dear..

Again And Again And Again...

i had just repeated my life again..
its quite the same as yesterday..
just at night i did not go out.. and i stayed at home..

woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon
went down to eat my lunch..
the noodles my mummy ta pao really really small packet
i finished it in 3mins time =.=

went to fetch bro back from school at 2:30pm..

and again.. i went to dear's house..
just sit there and chit chatting..
i feel like wasting ur time lek.. cause i find u every afternoon..
makes u cannot study also..
u need to find some time to be with me..
thx for the time dear...
i miss u ..

went home around 5....
watch tv, waste time, eat some biscuits...
and around 6+ , i exercise at home..
did not exercise alot.. just simple exercise

ate my dinner with my family..
8pm watch tv until 11pm..( din go out then watch tv at home.. still wasting time )
long time never eat supper d.. so, i ate korean mee..
quite full now.. cause it is 1 and half size bigger than normal maggi mee...

juz another time wasting day...again..
its time for me to go already..
gotta get some rest
dear ar...
that thing is for u mar..
i cannot say yes or no for u..
u need to decide it ur self..
cause the thing is really for u..
intended for u..
nt me..
so.. i will support ur decision okiex??
dun worry bout me..
i will b fine..
i love u dear..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday Again......

Time moves really fast..
it is Tuesday already.. In the middle of the night again..
get some time to blog before going to bed..

Time really moves and passes very fast.. sometimes without even noticing it..
the time already moves forward and leaves you behind..

Woke up at 11:30am in the morning yesterday..
mummy din buy any breakfast.. so i need to wait for lunch
about 1pm, mummy came back with lunch for us to eat..
ate my lunch while watching the movie called "Big Stan"
after that, i went to fetch my bro back from school..

about 3:30pm, i went to dear's house..
spend some time with her ..
miss her so so much right now..

i do not know why i am so tired today ..
maybe the previous night could not sleep well..
so i take a nap from 6 to 7:30pm..
wake up and have my dinner..

as usual.. went to cc with my bro again..
Then went to yam cha.
First, they planned to go McDonald,
but don't know for what reason, McDonald in Tc closed..
so, we choose the best substitute which is KFC..
its quite late so i did not eat anything there..

Read an email from my cousin and learned something today..

" The most important body part is not a selfish one.
It is made for others and not for yourself.
It is sympathetic to the pain of others.

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will NEVER forget how you made them feel. "

I think that's all for now..
Hope tomorrow's life will not be as bored as today...

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Tiring Sunday

not going to blog much today.. its 2:15am now..

woke up at almost 1pm..
ate my nasi lemak that my mummy tapao 4 me..
didn't do anything for the whole day..
just help my daddy to keep the lantern outside my house..

i dont know y suddenly have the urge to exercise..
its been a long time since the previous time i exercise..
kinda tired today..

went to dinner at my grandparents house
ate my favorite food cooked by my grandparents

after that, me and my bro went to cybercafe..
just came back at 2am..
wasting the whole day doing nothing again..
tomorrow must get something to do already..

its time for me to sleep already..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Wonderful Day

I m going to blog a lot today cause today is one of the happiest day in my life..
my plans all work out successfully
b4 i sleep, i sms-ed my cousin, Hao to wake me up at 9am onwards...
but dont know y he woke me up at 8:30am..
haha.. maybe he is too anxious for Valentine..
My fren, De Lon, my cousin and i went to go yam cha b4 getting something for dear..

As usual, our friend( you know who ) , was never punctual
he told me to be ready at 10am..
and he fetch me at 10:24am..
not really late.. just about 24mins later
went to flower shop to get the flower 4 dear

nice ma dear ??
thx god u love it so much

my plan is to go for a movie.. as usual ..
and act like a normal date..
just act like no surprise..
watch the movie called "look for a star"
it was ok.. and the ending is a happy one..

i went home with dear cause i told her that i wan to change to long pants..
b4 tat, i already hide my flower somewhere in my house..
when we reached my house, we went to my room so that she can use the laptop
while i can get ready with the flower..
i went down to get the flower and bring it to my room...
and another coincidence, she did not look back when i open the door..
so i have some extra time to get my self ready up and take a deep breath..
and i gave it to her..
her look was so surprised...

after that, it was our *secret*

around 8, we went to ECM for dinner..
could not find a place for dinner..
so we went to pizza hut..

these is what we ate..
we managed to finish all except one pizza

one funny thing about pizza hut is that
everything finish

at 9.20pm, the officer told one of the worker to stop letting people in if they want to eat pizza
they only can order appetizer..
there are no more pizza left
there is no more box for use to take away our pizza,
so we used plastic bag as substitute
after i paid the bill, i noticed that the balance of my money are 5cent missing..
and the worker said to me "sorry, five cent habis "
it was like stock clearing for pizza hut.

it was a nice and wonderful day..
because this is the first time i celebrate valentine with my beloved one..
i love you, Jie Yin

Dear & Her Flowers

The reasons that i give u 11 roses is because the meaning are
You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life"

Dear, I will love you until the last one dies...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day, Dear..
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone..
hope u all can be with the one you love..

this is the first valentine celebration
for me..
i hope today can be a memorable for both of us..

leong and ken wei..
i feel sorry for both of u..
jia you oo

happy valentine..
i will always be there for you

Another Time Wasting Friday

Every1 loves Friday..
So do i..
especially when i m back in Kuantan..

woke up at 12 when i received the message from dear..
she told me that she had just finished schooling..
i just woke up =p

Dear did not have the time to pei me as she has tuition from 2-6.30
the whole afternoon i spent it with movies..
watch those old Chinese movies in my laptop..
watch from 1pm to 7pm

went to CC at night after 10 (because need to fetch my bro back from tuition)
Yesterday was FOC
then went to Taj for YC
Reached home around 4 and

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Back in Kuantan

~Home Sweet Home~

I'm Back in Kuantan
Couldn't blog yesterday cause it was a really busy day for me
wake up around 11:30am..
pack my bags and went for Lunch at Seng Yip..
our common place for lunch b4 heading back to Kuantan

It changed a little bit yesterday..
cause the one who drive is not Desmond..
it is De Lon..

in the middle of the journey...
after we crapped too much..
Delon got angry cause we said something about him
*sorry Delon* =p *dun angry oo*
reached home safely at 5:45Pm

After dinner.. i went to dear's house...
only can see her, her bro, and her mummy..
her daddy and sister upstairs
luckily the mummy loves the biscuits i bought ^^

Bak home at 12..
play left 4 dead for awhile..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~ Time Wasting~

Its quite late at night.. 2:30am right now..
and i am still here blogging...

I'm wasting the whole day of time.. wake up at almost noon...
sat up and switched on my laptop..
waste some of my time getting Left 4 Dead Ready up...

left 4 dead is a nice game.. but i don't know y after like 10 zombies attacked me..
it closes automatically..
my house mate told me that it is because of my computer graphic or something..
i haven't change the graphic quality and try it again..

after my lunch, i went to old town of Kampar to get some biscuits...
as a souvenir for my families

watching movie from 2+ until late at 7..
watched Wanted.. its a good movie.. but kind of not logical..

again, i was wasting my time playing games with house mate..
waste of time..

Its Easy To Waste Time, And Its Hard To Seize Time
Get this quotation from MC

i think tat is all for now.. cause i start to headache already..

The Moral I Had Learn Today
~ Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively ~

Each Day That Passes.. I'm A Day Closer To You~

dear...about 15hours more.. i can see u already
i cant wait to see u ..
i miss u dear..
must take good care of ur self oh...
dun get sick yea.. drink more water
as i promised ..
leong tiam, ngai he soi mok.. =p
leong tiam giu actually

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Last Day Of Exam

Yesterday was the last day of exam.. from 7pm until 3pm...
i dont even have the time to get into my blog and start blogging..

yesterday's life was so tiring..
i wake up at 10am after my alarm waked me up..
then i set the alarm to 11:30 and send a message to dear to tell her tat i am awake.
after that.. i continue to sleep until 11:30
take my bath and start studying..
mayb i am too tired, i couldn't remember anything from the notes..

at 1pm.. i went to the uni.. as usual.. the canteen is pack with people..
so, we stick to the old plan.. which is... eating bread~

after exam.. we went for our lunch and reach home around 5..
setting up my blog and write for my first post already took me about 2hours..

finish my dinner and went up to study..
the plan is to teach my friend maths..
but after some time of leaving maths alone..
i do not know how to do..
thx Dennis for helping me..

*sorry delon, nam.. i forget alot and ytd.. i really really really tired...sorry*

dear... dun worry la.. tmr u can c me already..
i will rest more
eat more
sleep more
and play more...
how oso i will keep a good health of mine to bak kuantan to see u
TMR!! one day only.. wait for me oo
love u dear

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Post

Finally !!!!
finally finish my semester 2 examinations..
no more stress, no more pressure, no more sleep late at night just to study the few lecture notes..

I choose this day because today is the last day of examinations.
and my dear say that today is a lucky day (duno where she get the info from)

last week, my cousin already call me to make a blog..
:D earn revenue while u blog..
one of the reasons i blog is to earn money..

wish me luck in blog writing.. :D
see you