Wednesday, April 29, 2009

time to blog..

finally have some time to blog..
actually i have lots of time..
just dont feel like blogging for the whole week since my google ads had been blocked..
due to invalid clicks... lol
ntg much already...
dear say de mar..
we must be grateful with what we have..
i also cannot do anything..
so.. i will just let it be..

today's exam was quite hard..
many people was complaining about it..
compared to other exams..
cost accounting is hard..
i still remember the time i took marketing examination last semester
i left the exam hall after 45mins.. out of 2hours of examinations..
its nt that i dont want to stay..
it is because i dont know how to do..
and sit there will be just wasting my time..
so i rather get out of the examination hall..
and many people did left the hall too..
but compared to today..
out of 70-90 people in my classroom today..
only 1 left early..

and this part is for karyan :
karyan ar karyan..
i told u already lar..
ur marks nt as high as me wan lar..
i am nt in kuantan oso win u d =p
when i go bak then u still can fight with me meh ??

dear ar dear..
i already finish my exam today..
miracle for today..
i dont feel much stress after i get in to the hall..
helps me relax alot ..
and dear..
i did study till very late and wake up quite early today..
but i am not that tired only...
juz now manage to lie down and close my eyes..
dont feel like moving..
and that already helps me to rest..
to regenerate some energy..
i will try to sleep early today lar..
but i don know if i got match today..
until now 9.23.. still no people contact me..
i dont know yet..
if i sleep early today..
nt early la.. bout 2am..
then my time will be back to normal..
rather than sleep at late late late late at night
and wake up around 3-4pm
u must take care ar..
today UMP last day d..
dear should be happy lo..
got so much experience..
i dont wan ur stomach to pain pain again ar...
heart pain >.<

Finish COST accounting!!!!!!!!!!

yeahh yeahh yeahh~~ finally finish cost accounting..
still got 1 more to go~~
today going to rest rest rest rest first..
my google ads >.< terminated lol ..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sorry To all my readers..
these days i am quite busy with the examinations that i am having..
i dont even know what to study and after i did study..
i dont understand!..
i will continue to blog after my exam ends tmr..
have lots to talk about..
but i dont have much time for now..
see ya all~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Start of Study Week!

Study WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so happy..
stucked in this town..
couldnt go anywhere..
the previous study weeks for the previous semesters,
i went back to kuantan..
cause there are a week break and the previous sem..
study weeks are during CNY..
unlucky for me..
people celebrate CNY..
i study for examinations..

today is the beginning of the very boring study week..
guess what i did ??

of course dont have..

i spent my time playing games for almost the whole day..
play play play until i am tired..
i go and sleep..
7.30pm sleep till 10.30pm..
didnt eat dinner..
my cousin got tapao for me..
but i couldnt finish it..
just finish a few bite of the chicken meat..

dont have the mood to eat..
now waiting for my friends to go yam cha..
then i can call them tapao for me..

now.. the time is about 11pm..
and i dont know what am i going to do later..

this is the time for my exam...

05/05/2009 FBFF1013 FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCE, Tuesday
both 2pm..

this shows i still got a lot of time to study..
i am so boring..
any1 got plans ??

Another BBQ~~

another BBQ~
but not today..
its yesterday..
yesterday dont have time to blog cause right after bbq..
my friends and i went on9 to find dota friendly match..

Yesterday's BBQ intention is to celebrate Dennis' farewell..
cause he is leaving Kampar to continue his studies..
he need to go Setapak to continue his Degree studies..

Yesterday's BBQ is much better than the previous one :)
it is nt fully bbq..
there are bread..
gardenia bread..
i dont know why..
burger's meat ??
ham.. potatoes..

everything is ok..
but why bread and burger meat !?
i still dont get it..
i dont really eat much yesterday..
my throat is nt feeling well
and that is the 2nd bbq..
inhaled too much smoke i guess..

These are the pictures for that night..
*Foods for that night.. dont ask me y there are bread there*

*Chicken Wings.. as usual*
*Jim & Teik starting up the fire*
*Their hand are moving too fast*
*And this is my dai lou~*
*other people are trying to start up the fire,
he is stealing water*

After Bbq..
about 10.30pm..
i went home..
i dont feel good
cause i smell bad after getting into the smoke,
butter, honey all added up together on the surface of my face and body..
went home and take a good clean bath..
relax for awhile..
and my friend, 1on1pro his nick.., sms me to call me play Dota..
of course..
as a group..
we play together..
play till about 4.00am..
and find dear for awhile..
and sleep~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just came back from BBQ!~

See you all TA9!!
today is the farewell dinner for all of us..
Shay Si!!
although we still act like usual..
divided into few groups..
but we are still the members of TA9!

i love u all~
take care all of you..
good luck in your coming final examinations..
i hope that everyone of u will be able to get into degree without any problems..

today's bbq is considered ok...
but few of us didnt eat..
if they eat..
food might not be enough for all of us..
thx to those so "sacrifice" XD
after that..
we went to ABC for Supper..
ABC its nt ais batu campur..
its Al-Bidaya Corner.. if nt mistaken..

tmr will be the last day of class..
hope every1 will be able to attend tomorrow..
sign on the photos~
love u all..

i smsed u few times..
but u didnt reply after that..
i know u r sleeping..
u didnt sleep well yesterday..
today will be a tough day for u..
somemore yr stomach is nt comfortable..
till now.. 12:45am .. you still havent reply..
but then.. its nt that i dont wan to sms u..
its that i dont wan to wake u up..
i didnt go cc today.. but according to my friend..
we will play at home..
so.. i think it will be a match or two..
so.. i will rest as early as i can..
dont worry..
i will rest for sure..
love you dear.. rest more..
when u wake up..
and couldnt see me wish u good night..
this is because i dont wan my sms to wake u up..
i wan you to rest more..
i love you dear..
good night .. sleep tight..
i will sleep when i am tired..
i think about 4am :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farewell everyone in foundation!~

its time already..
today is the second last day of the class for may 2008 intake foundation students..
tmr will be the last day..
but i think tmr i wont be attending..
means.. today is the last day for me..
i had already taken the exam slips for my examinations..
for those who havent take it yet..
pls go and do so...

today's life..
went to class to say bye to shay si..
she couldnt make it to BBQ party tonight
cause she is going back to her hometown tonight..
We shall meet again, Shay Si~

*Taking pictures in the class**Ms Kameles with Shay Si*

Yeow.. Get well soon..

my friends and i went to visit yeow..
who is currently sick and is in the hospital..

faster get well soon lar..
long time nvr see u fit fit already lar
miss the time we went swimming together..
see your fit body..
yesterday when i saw u..
the first impression is that..
" omg.. y r u so thin ? "

me, javan, mok, and kiat went there..
after we reached there for a few minutes..
its time for the nurses to take the pulse and other things of yeow..
we disturb the nurses cause they are just in diploma's training..
these are the pictures i had taken there..

*Nurse taking pulse of Yeow*
*Nurse teaching Kiat to measure pulse**WAT R U TRYING TO DO TO YEOW!!*
*Yeow enjoying his candy "thermometer"*
*This machine canot work.. thats y they do it manually*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Few days since the last post..

Its been quite a time since i last blogged again..
i dont know y..
just dont feel like blogging..

maybe is due to my modem..
always spoil and spoil..
these few days always DC and the line was so slow..
till yesterday night it get disconnected and cannot online again..
send to the office early in the morning to get it fixed..
need to wait like 20-30 minutes..
sitting there like an idiot..
but it is worth it..
at least i can online for now..

today is tuesday already..
and 3 more days..
TA9 will officially ends..
they are organizing a BBQ party on Thursday night..
dont know it can be happened or not.. i hope can..
i think this maybe the last chance for us to all gather up for one time..

haih.. time moves really fast..
i still remember the time i spent in national service..
after 10days of getting out from national service..
i came here..
UTAR Kampar..
joined a class called TA9~
and Ta9 is my class for the whole year..
since last year May in-take until now..
foundation's life gonna end soon..

sorry dear..
its not that i wanted to scold u..
i dont like people to disturb in our life
i just dont like it..
i love you dear..
this is our private life.
i dont wan other people to come in
and act like they are like some sort of know-it-all person..
just .. i dont know how to say..
i love you..
i know you will understand..

you get a new present today..
u should be happy for it..
you should not feel bad of receiving it..
cause it is a present for u..
although i couldnt give u a present of that expensive..
i will try to give u something else..
more on the things u need..
such as my love for u..
and.. my love for u will always change..
getting more and more each day.. :)

Birthdays... Get Well Soon..

Today is the day of my friend, Desmond's birthday..
Happy Birthday..

and yesterday 13/4 was another friend's birthday..
his name Soon Keat..
dont have the pictures of him..
will try to get one next time.. (got it already)
*Soon Keat with his Tomyam*

i couldnt go and visit u now..
i cannot find any transport to go and find u..
i will try to get some time to visit u..
get well soon..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm bak~~

its been quite a long time since i last post a blog...
its not that i dont wan..
its i cannot.. :D

actually can lar..
just lazy to post..
quite ok already
thx to those who really cared
especially my dear... who worried till....

thx kai yee and yeow..
lucky u called me to go for check up..
this is how i got the chance to take blood to test..
its like a pro now..
actually.. i never tried it b4..
i thought it was painful..
but.. ok ok lar.. nt that pain only..
and after checked up..
results came out few minutes after that and proved ntg happen
my blood is clean
and just lack of H20~ which is water ~
and all the doctor say the same thing
" get more rest and drink more water "
i also know la.. i can be doctor soon xP

i am fine for now..
but my friend Yeow..
monday he still need to go check up ~

miss my classmates..
Ta9 still got a week b4 it will be in our memories..
week 7.. which is the last week of semester 3..
is coming next week..
i dont wan foundation to end so fast..
degree's life will surely busy..
cannot relax like now..

gotta go for now..
gotta go study to catch up my studies..
4days + last week i skipped class..
more than a week i never attend the class already
see ya..
*Study for the quiz on monday* >.<

i am all fine now..
dont worry k ?
all i need is to rest more,
drink more water,
and study to catch up my studies..
u must take care ar..
(this is nt for darling de) dont enroll in so many activities..
u will know what i mean..
i love you dear.. take care..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally Healthy as Usual.. (i hope)

lol.. just came back from KKK~
Klinik Kesihatan Kampar..

wake up around 10:30am after getting a phone call from Kai Yee..
she said that Yeow had red spots on his body..
they are going to Hospital to check up..
see if i wanted to follow them or not..
so i quickly get my self ready up.. and we headed to Hospital Kampar..

and one man working in Hospital kampar told me that i need to go KKK
if i wanted to see doctor..
after sending Kai Yee to University, and fetch Ah Chun,
we headed back to Hospital Kampar..
drop Yeow and went to KKK..
after waited for 30minutes..
it reaches my turn and after 3minutes of check up..
KKK is closed for lunch time..

*KKK's lunch Time*
*Fast and Efficient*
*1Pm Lunch time, Picture taken at 1.08Pm*

i need to wait for about an hour for KKK to be open again...
wait and wait and wait...
1.45pm.. the door opens...
and still WAIT!!
wait after wait and wait and wait and wait...

i asked many nurses that passed by me..
i ask them what am i waiting..
they say "tunggu missy, dia belum sampai"
i had been waiting for 45mins..
and guess what ??
she is in the room behind the counter..
she took some of my blood for blood test..
and send it to check up..

after showing it to the doctor..
he said something bout virus..
but i dont know what virus..
he called me to get more rest and drink more water..
and "come again tomorrow"
to take the medicine..

i need to go there again..
with yeow..
he will go there also..
haih.. wasting my time...
hope i will be well soon..
my whole body are now growing red spots..
please help me!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm Back in Kampar and straight i got a high fever..
sorry to all readers..
i couldnt even update my blog
i couldnt even sit up because i am too sick..
reach Kampar around evening and started to sick about midnight..
dont worry..
i ate medicine..
and i already consult the doctors..
and now... it is getting worst..
after my fever had cured..
all my hope of getting cured is now gone..
i only realised that this is just the beginning of the sickness..

it started to grow red rashes..
all over the palm.. wrist.. legs..
i dont know if my buttock got it too..
from all the information i get...
i am suspecting my self of getting HFMD..
which is Hand, Food and Mouth Disease..

its very unlucky..
although adults usually wont get this sickness due to the antibody..
but i think this time.. the virus got me..

these are the symptoms..
HFMD begins with a mild fever, poor appetite, malaise ("feeling sick"), and frequently a sore throat. One or 2 days after the fever begins, painful sores develop in the mouth. They begin as small red spots that blister and then often become ulcers. They are usually located on the tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks. The skin rash develops over 1 to 2 days with flat or raised red spots, some with blisters on the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet. A person with HFMD may have only the rash or the mouth ulcers.

i think i couldnt be to university for a period of time..
i will study at home..
pray for me to be well soon!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back in Kampar...

Again!! history repeats!!

everything we planned...
will never work..
as the history keeps repeating..

Usually.. we start our journey back to Kampar around 10am..
but Desmond gotta go to church with his mum..
makes us delayed for 2hours..
and that 2hours isnt enough for our best DAI LOU, DELON!!
10am... 12pm... = SAME!!
he will be late for at least 30 minutes ..

i dont know why .. and i dont get to know why..
just that he will be late for sure xD

when he reached home..
he still had a Big bowl of maggi waiting for him to eat..
haha.. we gotta wait again..

Today's journey was quite dangerous because of the weather in Malaysia
it was raining really heavily
we couldnt see the car in front of us if they didnt switch their lights and hazard lights on..
the rain covered almost all of your vision..
and there were a few accidents as we are in the North-South Highway..
There was a Toyota Hilux overturned..
old Volvo Skidded and landed in a drain on the opposite of the road..

it was good to get a trip back to Kuantan...
and dear..
dont worry..
i am not sure if i am able to back for the study weeks..
due to insufficient demands... by my frens =)

maybe i will stay in Kampar for another 1 week of study week and another few days for examination time..
that means, it will be like 4-5 weeks more
until i back to Kuantan..

i miss you from the moment i send you home on friday night..
take care of your self...

wait for me to come back..
i love you..
more and more each day...
you say that you r going to start study now
because around May,
you are going to have your Mid-term examinations..
and u say that u dont need to study last minute
so that you can use the time to be with me..
thx for everything you do..

eventhough the time we stayed together
in Kuantan is not that long..
i am satisfied..
because more than half of my time
you spend the time with me
you couldnt sms or phone me
because your cousin are beside you..
i didnt blame you..
even my self is busy..
this morning, i know you wanted to be with me
before i head back to Kampar..
but you need to go Ching Ming..
early in the morning..
i love you dear..
i just wan u to know..
that i will always love you..
take care..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its the time to back to Kampar..

now its already Saturday night...
tmr afternoon around 12pm..
i will be heading back to Kampar again..
i will be back in 3 weeks time..
during the study week for my exam..
dont know yet..
still planning for it..
that means my sem 3 is going to end soon too..
within a few weeks time..
i will finish my foundation course and start my degree later in june..
every thing moves very fast
including the time..

i know i just came back for a few days..
and it is not enough for both of us.
but at least it is better than nothing...
yes.. i came back just for u..
but lucky for me i get a new phone..

i know you r sick now...
headache and body pain..
i couldnt do any thing...
i wish that you could see doctor and check up..
i love you dear..
i dont wan you to be sick..
yesterday's 100th day.. i didnt post up in the blog
happy 100th day anniversary dear..
our days of being together..
already reach the beginning of 3 letter words..

i packed my things already
wait the time for me to sleep
and i will be back to Kampar~
you have already waited me for so long..
this time for another 3 weeks...
same like the previous semester
which i will be back about 3weeks time..
about 20days!!
0 ( dear can c me ady )
^^ very fast only
take k..
i love you..

I got my new phone!!

Sony Erisson G900

after putting so much hope on getting a new phone..
i finally got it~~

so many problems arise when i asked my parents for new phone
recession, not enough budget, .... and many other reasons..

yet i pass it all and i got my new phone
sony ericsson G900~

at first i planned to get SE C902..
but there is a friend of mine that is using that phone..
and one of the disadvantages is that C902 has LED flash..
which makes it blur when take picture at night or in a dark place..

b4 i go to the shop..
i ask my daddy for 10 mins so that i can check out the other models online..
and i found it
which has almost the same features with C902
just that it contains symbian operating system with 128mb Ram..
the box come in a set that contains
G900 Phone, Battery, Charger, HBH-PV708 (which i duno wat is tat), Stereo portable handsfree, USB cable, Extra stylus , CD and User Guide

~ 5 megapixel camera touch autofocus
~ 2.4 inch Touch Screen
~ Note-It Application
~ WIFI + PUSH E-mail

havent really tried the phone yet..
now charging for the best performance of the battery..
thx daddy~
i love you~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Couldnt Sleep!!!

From 2am .. lying on the bed till 3am..
and i havent yawn for once!!
i am headache and i need rest..
but why couldnt i get to sleep..
insomnia ??

help me get some rest..
i need to wake up at 5am tmr..
which means .. 2hours to sleep ??
to be exact is less than 2hours..

i need to sleep!!!!!!!!
am i thinking too much ??
or am i too excited to be back tmr ??
i dont know..
i wan to sleep..
but i couldnt..
i didnt sms u to tell u couldnt sleep cause u will wake up at anytime..
i love you dear..
wait till u see this tmr or i tell u tmr..
i will try to get some rest tmr in the car..
dont worry
if i tired..
i will be home early to sleep
okie dear ??
love you..
i go get some sleep now..
pray and hope i can get some rest

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2-0 ~ Kuantan!!! Here i come~ April Fool

yesterday's friendly match with A-Station..
lost 2 matches..
we played for 2 rounds and we lost both 2 rounds..
A Station 2 - 0 My Draft Team
i think our standard still quite far from reaching their standard..
player problems..
we dont have full team yet now..
still in need of one more person..

i will be back to Kuantan Today..
but the planned changed cause we need to wait for Delon and TeenHao..
they are going to have their examinations at 6-7pm..
and if we start our journey back to kuantan around 8pm ( after dinner )
we will reach about midnight..
and desmond's mum dont let him to drive at night..
so we need to postponed the journey to the next morning..
really early in the morning
somewhere around 6am.. if not mistake...
so.. we will reach about 11am or 12pm or 1pm...
around lunch hour...
i planned this trip quite a long time already..
an important day for me and my dear is coming soon..
since the day i come to Kampar..
i already planned to back to Kuantan on that day..
just that the plan totally suits my wants..

there are many plans of going back to Kuantan by my friends..
Delon's plan was to back on the Earth Day to be with the gf..
but every1's plan didnt work out except mine :)

that day you really frightened me..
but nvm la..
i know dear is sad on that day..
i will try my best to comfort u.
you said you hope that i am there...
i couldnt do so..
but can i replace it on thursday??
take care of yourself..
today u again stomach pain..
u know i dont like you to have stomach pain..
it is really uncomfortable..
i love you dear..

Today is 1st of April 2009..
April Fool??
dont have the last time's feel of fooling people around..
for those still studying in primary or secondary school..
enjoy your self more :)
as for me.. i am still enjoying... till the end of my Foundation Course..
Degree Course => Relax => Dead