Friday, June 12, 2009

ahhahaha LAZY ME!!

dont know why
dont feel like blogging..
after for so long..
about a week ..
since i last blogged..

ntg much happened this week..
tomorrow will the last day of class in week 2..
time passes so quickly..
just feel like going back to foundation..
where i can still enjoy my life without any pressure...

last week.. i scolded and i dont wan to be a class rep..
but now it is all different..
class rep is actually quite fun..
and quite responsible too
yesterday night when i was lying down on the bed..
and i am still thinking about the group assignment name list that supposed to be passed up to the tutor today..
after ready up for class...
the first thing i did is to write the name list out..
it is not as simple as u think cause there are repeat students and elective subject students..
where they already took few of the subjects in their diploma..

having 5 subjects this semester is not simple..
this sem will be a tough 1...
start with
1) Business Accounting 1
2) Quantitative Techniques 1
3) Economics
4) Marketing
5) Corporate and Business Law

trying to get to know all my classmates..
is tougher than it looks..
slowly will do..
now i think i already get to know about 50% of my classmates..


call me class rep =p

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