Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Futsal..

lol.. back to futsal for now..
at least i can go out in the evening to exercise..
better than staying at home and do ntg..

kinda tired but fresh after going out for sports..
can sweat and exercise..
at the same time..
meet new friends and other stuffs..

planning to go back to kuantan next weekend.
cause after that week..
i will be busy till the last week of this semester already..
must go and get a pair of futsal shoe..
wearing converse shoe as a replacement for futsal shoe is really painful.
painful to the heart and my legs...
my pair of feet.. almost destroyed by the other converse shoe..
cause it will keep on making your legs having blisters..
temporary.. i will be using that for another 2 weeks..

there is another 2 new students who repeat in business accounting..
and 1 more new student from PJ campus..
that means..
i gotta set the assignment group again..
lol i guess..
having 6 members for each group as we have 18 class members..
but now..
came out another new classmate..
i guess we gonna break up..
at least to make it 5 5 5 4 .. maybe ?
dont know yet..
gotta contact my tutor ..


pressured.. by the work of classrep =p

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