Wednesday, August 19, 2009

University Life..

Being able to borrow some money from Ptptn makes every1 on of us feel good..
able to have some cash to spend..
at least not a small amount of money..
Even though i did not get full from ptptn..
half is quite alot compared to none..

after getting the time table of signing session with the Ptptn officer,
we get ready our documents
and wait for the time to come..

For my course, it is on Wednesday 19/8/09
which is today..
the earlier session is for another courses 8.30am-12.30pm
even though they extend the time till 1.30pm
there are still ALOT ALOT ALOT of students who havent have the chance to meet the officer for verification purposes..

These are some of the photos taken..
there are some of them sleeping..
after so many hours of waiting.. and their turn is still far away..
some of them are already having an emo face..

*Ken With His Emo Face XD*
*Kent (greenshirt) classmate's housemate*
(sry if i spell ur name wrongly)
*Another angle of the hall..*
~look at the number of students~
the black colour shirt guy is sleeping

About 2.30pm..
the officer is back..
some of the students even clapped their hands..
having a thought that i will settle this ptptn thingy..
i am wrong!!!!!!!
Really Wrong

one of the officer made an announcement..
those courses that have their signning session at 2pm,
please come again tomorrow at 8.30am..
i came at 1.45pm.. and went home at 2.45pm..
considered quite ok..
some of them even wait since morning >.<
sry for them..

went home and sleep..
try again tomorrow~
gotta sleep early 2nite..
tmr need to go there as early as i can..
which is around 7+ ??
i dont even know if i can wake up that early
hate to wake up EARLY!!

darling's stomach pain pain now..
but i cant do anything..
worried >.<

wait me...
let x = days to back Kuantan,
13 < x < 16

more than 13 days left..but less than 16 days..
wait for me~

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