Friday, June 5, 2009

Ha hA hA~~~~

lol.. dont know lar...
already accepted as class rep..
i shall do my best..

photostat ?
i dont think i can do that .. :)

i dun have transport..
to those who enjoy photostat .. pls tell me :)


  1. aiya...pls la..don be lazy n give many excuse la..who said u dint have transport!!!! u got bicycle..u can cycle 2 photocopy shop a good class rep la~~~~~i sure u can de..XD!!

  2. hahahaha
    u awn to help me photostat with bicycle ?? pls do it.. :)
    siao meh bicycle cycle there take 2 box back
    u help me hold handle ?

  3. lol....bicycle?? wat a joke!! u give me motor i oso dun wan sia!!