Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to update my blog..

Friday.. June 19.. 2009

familiar with the date above.. ?
lol.. look at my previous post..
that is the last post since the last time i blog..
which is about 2 months ago..

my life ??
still fine
except with the some problems i had in my degree and the life around here
not much changes..
at least the life now is quite peaceful..
took all my midterm exams and passed up my assignments..
and the last thing after that is the presentation which falls on the 13th of August..
last Thursday.. after that really kinda free..
no exam pressure for now..
no assignment due date pressure..

the last thing that pressure me..
the application of PTPTN..
damn mafan wey..
need this need that..
certified this and that..
tomorrow must go and find some1 who can help me be my parents saksi..
hope my friend know where it is..
really mafan having this...
but what to do..
i need the money!!!! >.<

the last last thing..
setem hasil..
any1 know where to get it ??
hope i can settle the ptptn thing real soon..
even though the ptptn thingy is really mafan...
at least i still have time to spend around..
just finish Call of Duty 5..
world at war..
just the mission only..

Quek is coming back to Kampar later..
9pm bus..
thx for helping..
he is helping me to take the phone from my darling and bring it to me..
q-w-e-r-t-y is coming

thx darling for lending it to me..
love you so much dear..
you need to sacrifice one of your phone..
just to let me use..
i try to get a 2nd phone bah..
tat time darling can use back the number lur .. ^^

feeling weird..
all of a sudden.. i planned to blog again..
hmm.. something is wrong..
maybe i am too free until i need to find something to fill up my time ??

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